Posted: May 30, 2006 in Opinions and Rants

23fohio.jpgAnd heres a funny page about Myspace, this guy goes into funny rants, but all in all, its all true. I've watched friends get onto myspace years ago, before it hit the mainstream crowd, now its just ridiculous. With the advancement of technology and the wider use of high speed internet and its acceptance, I do understand that web socialization will occur, and that yes, it is most likely a healthy and productive thing. However I do think that myspace exploits this idea and curves it into the wrong direction. Basically bad use of technology. I think the best thing that members of myspace tend to say is, "if it sucks so bad then why are there millions of people on it?", well there are several contributing factors to this. First off, people of this day and age are very trendy, and this is a trend that is being followed. Before myspace, there was friendster, and geocities, and before that, aol chatrooms, and shitty aol webpages, this is just the latest installment. Secondly, there was 34 million AOL users at their peak, thats 34 million idiots who overpaid for a shitty, spam & popup packed ISP, which 90% of them now realize how stupid it was. AOL actually made number 1 on the 25 Worst tech products of all times! I wont say much more against myspace, I think almost every single one of my friends actually use this on a daily basis. They figure that since Im so much into technology that I would be the forefront on the myspace bandwagon. But nope, I refuse to post comments to my friends, or send several text messages on my cell back and forth I just pick up the voip phone, and call them, its much faster.


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