Flickr! and you

Posted: May 30, 2006 in General Area

I can't repeat this enough, if you take photographs, professionally or just for fun, share them with flickr @ . Account creation= free, upload pics of any size = free, share with your friends/family/internet pals all over the world. Only catch is for the free accounts (paid account is something like $20 a YEAR , cmon thats cheap) , you have a megabyte download limit per month, which isnt to bad considering I have uploaded 117 pics and still didnt reach my monthly limit my first month. (used a 3 megapixel canon camera) and flickr uploader to resize the pics (MAC).

Something Ive found a little fun is if you own a motorola phone, you can buy motorola phone tools for your phone ($10 on or if your familiar with bittorrent, well then its there as well (the guy selling em on ebay just cloned his original, CDstomped a label on it and sells it), and with the included data cable, sync all your pics and vids from your phone to you flickr account. I know I have some priceless photos on my phone, which I can now backup to my lifedrive and laptops. My Flickr account can be found @


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