Logitech G15 Keyboard

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Hardware Reviews

I'm not to sure why they incorporated the word "gaming" into the name of the Logitech G15 "gaming" keyboard, its everyday usage as a gming keyboard is worse then a swapmeet version of a "killer" keyboard. I was anticipating it when i first heard about it almost a year ago, and when i recieved it a few months ago I can honestly say that I was a little excited to see this keyboard with backlighting and an LCD screen that could read out important in-game-music-CPU information. First off this was a marketing push by Logitech, as the keyboard didnt support many games off its initial release (2), and they were shitty games. As to date, I have yet to see a single piece of software that utilizes this keyboard. Secondly, lets talk about the actual backlight brightness and the settings. The brightest setting cannot be seen unless its almost pitch black in your surrounding environment. The "lighter" settings is almost impossible to tell that it was switched from "bright". The software that comes with the keyboard has to keep a background running service in order to allow you to use the macro keys, which doesnt take a huge amount of resources, but gamers like "next to none" when it comes to processes running while gaming, any service that is not absolutely needed for the system to run, it should have been incorporated into a sub-system within the keyboard. The G15 has two USb ports that are convieniantly located towards the top of its base. This would be a definite plus if it wasn't for the fact that the USB ports do not supply enough power to effciently use the both of them at the same time. I tried pluggin in a microdrive and the drive contiuned to fail over and over, this was to be expected since its essentially two lines pushed into one (the one that goes into the back of your mobo). If this were sufficient enough, we would see portable laptop hardrive enclosures using this same method.

As for comfortability, the keyboard sucks, the tips of your fingers hurt after extended use, I'd rather have used a laptop…ok maybe not but you get my point. After about two months of use, the WASD keys 'paint'(?) started to flake off, revealing a clear plasic key unnderneath, I found that using fine grit sandpaper, (400 then 600 grit) and smoothed the edges, as well as making the entire key glow. Now you cant tell any lettering anymore on it of course, but we all know where the keys are located anyways.

The LCD is a total POS, not emitting a blue light (it looks almost indiglo in the advertisements), its a backlit shitty yellowish tint, like that of the old Ti-80 calculators…wonders what photoshop does for marketing. The LCD is not capable of much, and since I disabled this services associated with the keyboard, all it does is say "Logitech", nothing else. Worse yet, its not programmable. Thats right, its even on Logitech's website, in order to take advantage of the LCD, the game makers have to code it into the game, which none have, and most likely none will.

So lets walkthrough this together, the lighting on the keys suck , the key pressure, use and feel suck, the LCD function and lighting suck. The dual USB's suck, I ended up replacing it with a Saitek, which by the way was about 40 bucks cheaper.

So save your money and buy something much more usable, buy a saitek, or maybe we can cross our fingers and hope they come out with a forcefeedback, Gel covered with backlighting, bright as hell too, keyboard with a programmable LCD, all for under $100 bucks….but hey thats just hopeful thinking.


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  2. Exempt says:

    Very well presented comment, just one question though… Why is it posted under Logitech G15? I’ll move it for ya, I think it was supposed to be under one of my political rants. But I do appreciate every comment.

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  4. Diguq says:

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  5. JC says:

    Just having bought the Logitech g15, I can’t say that I agree with you on every point. Talk about a total bashing. The lcd screen has software available to it, that works great with Counterstrike, and other games that I play. May I suggest to people that they should check if the keyboard will work for them and the games they play before buying this.

    Complaining about the LCD and that its not blue is just stupid, you wouldn’t want the lcd screen a deep blue like the keys themselves, it just would be to bright to stare at during game play. The lcd color they made is soft and easy on the eys.

    I like the feature of seeing info, like what song is playing on WMP or cpu and ram details date time etc… I guess you must just be asking to much of it. Overall its a nice keyboard, and nearly all keyboards you buy will eventually become old dirty and you will buy a new one somewhere down the track. Its inevitable Its bound to happen with any keyboard you buy.

    As far as your fingers hurting from the keys is just crazy, are your fingers made of choclate ?

    I bought this especially because OF counterstrike, seeing my kill ratios and other info is great during gameplay. I can leave it running for months and see my overall statistics on every weapon, who you just killed or who killed you. damage given and damge received etc… and much more info.

    If your a Counterstrike nut like me than this is the only keyboard for you. The rest don’t have this feature, and won’t come close

  6. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  7. Gusto says:

    Actually, the G15 is completely programmable. It sounds like you didn’t install the drivers for it. http://www.g15forums.com/
    There aren’t many good ones out there, but there are a few.

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  12. colon says:

    Heard some good things about the G15 and I happen to need a new keyboard too. Been using the same one for over 4 years now.

  13. Colon xR says:

    I bought my Log G15 keyboard two days ago. I love it!

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