This guy is a wuss, or this is fake…

Posted: June 1, 2006 in General Area

I saw this on the net, and felt it was fake, your entitled to your own opinion, but this is mine. Well here it is… A Gamespot writer had previously stated, ""… Pricing for consoles has steadily climbed over the years, and it will certainly climb higher for this generation as well. I will say that I think selling any game console for $450 to $500 is downright suicidal, so it probably won't happen. And when I turn out to be wrong and you're dropping five Ben Franklins on a PS3, feel free to punch me in the stomach. Please. I'll welcome it." -Gamespot's Alex Navarro " . Well this is the video of him getting punched, and boy, he is either trying to be an shitty actor or is a total wimp (I'd have said bitch, but oh well, yah Ill say it, he's a bitch if the punch wasn't staged). Here's the video: Right here .


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