(App) Review: “Launchy”

Posted: June 11, 2006 in (App) Software review

A great example that "good things come in small packages", is the tiny opensource app "Launchy". Launchy is a small app (783kb as of ver. 0.9.3) that produces a movable bar (with syle, and has several skins) that allows the user to quickly find any file, folder, application, or anything that you add to its database. Launchy uses file exstensions to quickly locate anything you punch in. Adding folders allows Launchy to browse in more than its default search location, I added all commonly used folder, I.E.: My pictures, My Documents, My Shared Folders e.t.c. , allowing Launchy to access majority of my most frequently used locations. By simply adding an ".exe" to its known extensions, it's now searching for executables. By default Launchy uses ALT+SPACEBAR , to appear and reaappear, since it is a small running process in the background, it is always quickly accessable. Type in BF2, and hit enter, and Im loading in to the game. Type in pron, and Im,, errr I mean you, are at your hidden pron folder .

At first I thought, sheez, its faster if I just click on Start and click on my shortcut/s, but once you start using Launchy, you do realize that typing certain files or folders, or locations becomes much quicker than browsing "My Computer" with the mouse, since you are taken directly to where you need to go.

Launchy being free, easy to install, setup and use, makes it a great program for everyday usage, and I highly recommend it for beginners to power users.

Link in my Favorites section

  1. lester says:

    never a truer word said

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