Review: “PCD: PussyCat Dolls Lounge “

Posted: June 11, 2006 in (App) Software review, Games Review, Opinions and Rants

I originally read about this on, something about a virtual club. My first thoughts were negative towards the idea, and after signing up, experiencing it, well….nothings changed. Now I have to add that this "game" if you call it that, is still in beta, so many changes can come still to increase the functionality of the game.

I have a link to it under my "links" section, if you want to see it for yourself, account creation and use is completely free during beta. The whole idea behind this is basically a virtualized chatroom, with a (slightly) customizable character, centrally located in a club style atmosphere. The entire "world" is a city block, with a sushi bar, meditation area, coffe bar, and of course a club, and other small areas to hang out in. Immediately talking with some of the other beta testers, I notice that this is targeted for a much younger crowd, about 10-15 years of age in fact. This kinda threw me off since I don't have the slightest clue on why a club type atmosphere would be introduced to such a young crowd, that in real life, would have no business near a club. I talked to a UI designer, and again, she re-affirmed my thoughts, by saying that this "game" is intended for a very young crowd, and again Im slapping myself with curiosity, I mean, cmon now, there's several bars, but no alcohol, there's skimpy outfits, but only pre teen characters. I think overall its a rather funny experience, and this would appeal to some child predator type of person, ooooor, a very young kid.

Technically, its still in beta, so the technical aspects could improve greatly, I'll only add my opinion on the graphics and general gameplay. PCD is stuck in windowed mode,three size options are available by clicking on the maximize button on the top right of the window. The largest size available is still rather small. Navigation is done by using the arrow keys, errr cmon now, nobody uses the arrow keys, and atm its not changeable. The user interface is kept very simple, and speaking to a UI designer, she informed me that many changes were still to take place on the layout and features. As I said before the characters are all "pre teen" looking and are reminiscent of a japanimation character, but Americanized. Scrawny, non detailed cartoonish looking people. The clothes is also as tasteful, like a product catalog from Hello Kitty for men and women. I think the one aspect it does have going for it is that if it does in fact remain free, the advertising potential is very good, by having streaming music play constantly, (different areas play different genres of music), and the ability to click and buy a song, or click on a CD and it takes you to an online store, has huge potential to scam all the little kids that will be playing it to buy the latest pussycat dolls t-shirt and hat, or cd.

The crowd in game as I said is a very young crowd, and you can tell by just watching what they are discussing and there activities, so if your a young person, and would like to socialize whilst displaying yourself as an animated character, listen to music, and chum it up with your online pals, then hey, this is all for you. The rest of us will stick with Skype and a 🙂 .

Lastly, I have to reiterate, this is still in beta, and many things can change, so take it for what its worth…or just try it yourself, link here



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