Cellphones: What we really want…

Posted: June 13, 2006 in General Area, Opinions and Rants

I may be speaking for just myself, if you disagree, then I respond by saying that you truly don't use your phone. With my company, I spend a lot of time traveling around Southern California on client consulting calls, I spend a lot of time out of my office, and with an office in Los Angeles, and one in Irvine, I spend a LOT of time on the road. When Im not in my office, I have my calls forwarded to my cell, and no joke, every month I use about 7000-9000 minutes of talk time. If your one of those people that like to do the math, that's relatively talking on the phone for 5-7 days straight. Like I said, I actually USE the phone. Currently, I own the Motorola Razor, service by Cingular. I'm not here to argue or defend my service provider, I've had Nextel, Verizon, T-Mobil, and some others that I can't remember atm. They all suck in certain areas, some phones are better in one location, some are not, there really is no "better" service provider. What I wanted to blurb about what what consumers actually want from their cellphones. My phone has a shitty camera, the ability to record, or play videos (in shit quality), and web access slower than dial-up. Phones these days come in all ranges, and recently while watching diggnation, I really agreed on what Kevin Rose was saying. 

I don't want a camera in my phone, and if I ever did, I would want focus, and flash , and at least a 3 mega-pixel quality…but in that case, I would essentially be asking for a camera, not a phone/camera. We have mp3 players, and mobile internet on tiny screens, that are not truly native to majority of websites, all the while its draining the battery that you would need to talk on your phone, which takes away from the devices original purpose, to be used for talking. I'm sure it appeals to the younger wide eyed market, but for majority of actual paying cell phone users, we want simple things from our cell phones.

I'm not positive on how many numbers the phone can hold, but I am completely full, the SIM, and the onboard phone memory, I know its a lot of numbers, and frequently have to go through the phone to delete people I haven't talked to in the last few months in order to make room. Sure there are some numbers in there that I could delete, but I use them all the time, like Pizza Hut, and Dominoes, (hey I'm a bachelor) and a few restaurants that I frequent, so there almost necessity to keep em. 

Lets talk about shitty interfaces on almost every single phone Ive owned. When searching for numbers, I want my menu/s to be instantaneous, not spin a freekin hourglass (cmon! get rid of the stupid hourglass, its a sixteenth century time measurement device for christ sake!). When searching for a number, I punch in the first letter of the persons name, and then must scroll through 30-40 numbers to get to the exact person I need, sometimes for me, its faster to goto the next letter in line and work my way back up. I think the fastest menu I ever had, was on a cheap ass LG phone that came free when I signed up with cingular years ago. Voice dialing  still sucks in every endeavor, so drop the cheesy idea that its hip or cool at the moment, work on the technology then lets try again. "Call lawyer" Phone says: " Debbie " …errrr no not even the same vowels….

Talk time, I want my talk time to be at least 8 hours straight, but I think this in some part is made this way in order to sell you a $20 car charger, which acts more like a drip charger, since it takes forever to charge in your vehicle. I plug the phone into the car charger when I hear the beep that my battery is on its last limb of life, so I plug it into the car charger, and continue talking, and the phone dies ten minutes later, during the process of charging, meaning that its draining faster then its charging…ridiculous. The lady that works at cingular near me,  believes in all her little heart that the razor has a 6 hour talk time,  which even with my blue-tooth head piece, which is a whole other rant in itself, I could push about 4 hours of talk time. Oh an while I am on the blue-tooth thing, if your NOT using your blue-tooth ear piece, put it in your pocket, I see people all around southern California wearing them as if they think its in style, you look stupid, it doesn't make you look more professional, you don't look cool, you look like a retard from a dropped episode of star trek. I wear mine only when driving, then I put it in my pocket.

Maybe in the next generation, with fuel cell batteries extending the power life beyond conventional hours, we might achieve a decent combination of battery/music/camera/internet time, but for now, its just ridiculous that all this crap, and that's what it is, crap, is jammed into our phones. Give me a super slim, small phone, with incredible talk time, and Im a happy man. Leave the camera, internet, games, and all that other crap at the factory.


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