Windows Media Player 11 Authentication hack

Posted: June 21, 2006 in How To

I recently wasn’t able to install Windows Media Player 11 on one of my laptops, says it can’t run the verification tool, not that it’s an invalid key, but that it just can’t start the tool to verify the damn thing. I run all my systems on a “services.msc” diet, so I imagine I may have possibly disabled something there that may need to be running, or possibly a script block through my Smoothwall. So Iv’e decided, err… my buddy has decided to work on a hack, or a “plug” as I’d like to think of it as (Microsoft=sinking ship). It seems that lately Microsoft is really upsetting quite a few people with all the complications due to the shoddy “Windows Genuine” deal. So check back frequently, it will be here soon. BTW small update to the WGA workaround, there is a mythical program named 905474.exe that is supposedly a compiled script that automatically deletes all references to the WGA “virus”, if youve seen it let me know, I’d like to see what its really about.


After numerous emails, and talking with a few other buds, I was notified that the Beta will be entering actual Public release, within a few days, possibly a week or so, so in effect, cracking the beta wouldnt do much, so I will wait for the full release and start over from there, files will be hosted as well. Stay tuned 🙂

[UPDATE]   For full workaround, perform a “Search” (right hand side –>)  and enter : “Windows Media Player”  and it will search my blog archives, and youll see links within my blog to the patch and download links…Have Fun

  1. Justin says:

    yeah i myself have Windows Media Player 11 installed on my laptop. It installed fine on there, but when trying to install it on my desktop PC i receieved similar error messages regarding windows genuine advantage not being able to verify it properly. I’ll make sure i check back and see what you’ve come up with!

    Great post, great blog!

  2. exempt says:

    Yah thats when I noticed it as well, I tried on several systems, a few of my laptops, and some systems “in the field”. On some systems, I noticed that I couldn’t even download WMP 11 from Microsoft, without encountering “This may be a pirated Version”. However on other systems I was able to download but not install, I am currently working on pulling out the script within the program that makes it check in the first place, and *crossing fingers* that is doesn’t affect it in any adverse way. By doing this, I imagine that users won’t however, be able to update it for future patches and what not, I am almost finished and should have a working “patch” shortly.

  3. screwgenuine says:

    screw M$ genuine.. it frikken blows what a ripoff.. W1ND0W$ IS RAPING THE CUSTOMERS!!!!

  4. Scream says:

    I freaggin’ hate Microsoft Genuine!
    I did have an original Windows XP(pro) CD, but i misplaced it. I’m not freakin’ buying an other one. It’s too expensive.
    When you do find out how to bypass the Genuine thing, or atleast install Media Player 11, please give me a mail: punkassscream [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. mfunnyman says:

    hey When you do find out how to install Media Player 11 can you give me a mail
    its thx

  6. ItsMe!! says:

    Hey Guys

    Here’s the workaround for “Windows Genuine Validation”.

    1. Rename C:\Programs File\Windows Media Player to something else.
    2. The installer file ‘wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe’ is basically a zipped archive. So extract the files in it using Winrar or winzip.
    3. Run the file umdf.exe, WindowsXP-MSCompPackV1-x86.exe, wmdbexport.exe, wmfdist11.exe, wmpappcompat.exe and finally wmp11.exe

    If all goes well you will be able to us the new WMP11!!!

  7. Cameron says:

    OH SNAP, thats great, ill have to check that out because my laptop wont accept my genuine code.
    what if there is an update that bypasses this, then ill be screwed.
    thnx again

  8. exempt says:

    Itsme! is correct, that is one of the methods to circumvent the validation. There is also copies on of WM11, as well as a complete validation package to completely bypass windows genuine authentication, even via the microsoft website, so you can download and authenticate an illegitimate key…

  9. wwwwpa says:

    MS = sinking ship? Oh shit? We dont have any proper operating systems anymore when that happens! 😀 Nobody wants to waste time and fuck around whit linux and other laughable leftist geek shit

  10. Adam says:

    I downloaded a torrent and I got the protocal from that had the WMP 11 setup software and a hack that basically just changed some values in the registry. I DLed IE 7 without and hitches and also installed WMP 11 without and verification problems. I went directly to and installed a program off the website that required me to run the verification and it worked fine. I’m runnin XP media center and sees a genuine copy of windows.

  11. Steve says:

    Adam, could you link me to the torrent you downloaded?

  12. You are an absolute star mate!!!!!…the world needs more peopl elike you! lol…anyone know how to do this with IE7 aswell?

  13. It'smetoo says:

    that’s fucking sick ItsMe! man, it work. thanx

  14. RoadShark says:

    Thanks “It’s me” that really works, you rock!

  15. walter says:

    I had found the same trouble installing media player 11. To fix this, download media player 11 from internet, then extract all the files into a separate folder, using 7z or winzip. Open from the extract, the file wmfdist11. Restart the system. Then, after restarting, open the file wmp11 in the same last folder. Restart the system again.
    Run the regular media player icon and enjoy it!!
    It’s easy YO!!!

  16. Warren says:

    Hey my name is Warren i live i nthe UK and nwell im having a problem downloading Windows Media Player 11… LOL imnot in the know bout all the stuff u guys know about and im only 15 years old.

    I was hoping u guys wud be able to send me an easy clear guide to downloading Windows Media Player 11 without that fuxuckin Windows Genuine Validation thing…

    Because my PC had a copy of windows put onto to ti and the copy was legal and everything from the box that u buy soo im like ded confused…. cus i dont have the disc and im not buying it!!!

    Pleese help =]
    L8a bibi email me ASAP

  17. henne says:

    Do I really need SP2 for the way Itsme!! told?

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  19. tony says:

    plz tell me how to get throuhg this $hit load of geniune stuff and use medie player 11 plz send the answer to me_zameer [at] hotmail [dot] com. thanks 😛

  20. Fausto says:

    Thanks Itsme!!, it worked!

  21. whatever says:

    Hey, if u want to have WMP 11 just instal it in normal way and delete validations setup file

    easy 😉

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  23. Herry says:

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  24. AnZ says:

    Simply detele the setup file in the Windows media player folder..
    It works, thanks “whatever”! ;D

  25. djbigdad says:

    Thanks “IT’s Me” FOr your Help I needed this for my 360

  26. Mike says:

    If you all have noticed there are a lot of requests for this dickhead to fix the media player 11 problem but he has posted no answers. That should tell all of you he is full of shit and likes to pass himself off as a hacker. Please look up the definition of hacker. I do not think he even comes close to this description. Posted this as I came across his lame ass site. Cheers Mike @ microsoft

  27. David says:

    Wow I don’t know where to begin with “Mike”, If you had half a brain you would know that when someone requests the validation hack, I have their email since they left a post retard, so obviously I won’t sit here and leave myself legally viable for a lawsuit, so theoretically, I could just email them the link for the download. Secondly, Im not sure if you even read the whole fucking post, there is a UPDATE, that points you where to find it within my blog, fucking highspeed hero.

    Cheers, Exempt

  28. M@D-M@X says:

    “Exempt” You were right.. I was able to download a small quick fix on This crack was able to fix this issue even after it was already downloaded and not validated yet. Worked great….

  29. reapoman says:

    Top man, works a treat.

  30. josh says:

    hey my name is josh and im having the same damn problem with that genuine thingy if anyone can send me the down load for the windows media player that i dont have to do that stupied genuine thing thanks

  31. David says:

    I can walk you through it, basically DO it for you with crossloop, I won’t charge for the session if your still interested in fixing this issue.

  32. jay says:

    Hi David,
    could you tell me if wmp11 is available for download without the validation tool. I’m trying to surf and find it online but no success.The deal is I once got this not genuine thing although I just bought the computer. took it back got it fixed but am reluctant to go for wmp11 but by accident I allowed automatic updates to download wmp11. I restarted my computer and no mention of validation yet am I in the clear or do I have a problem when I want to start the player?
    please help!!

  33. Liew says:

    I cant rename it.. Can some1 help me? I closed every program that involved in WMP but still I cant rename it… It says that it’s been used by other person or program.. Some1 help me plz…

  34. David says:

    Hey Liew, hit CNTRL+ALT+DEL , goto processes, take a screenshot and email it to knoppixstd1(AT)gmail(dot)com Ill get back to you on it, or we can just hop onto crossloop and I can do it for you


  35. Shane says:

    You rock Dude! I am computer retarded and it worked great for me! Thanks a bunch!

  36. ALOK says:

    i have setup file of both wmp 11 and internet explorer 7 anyone need it then mail me at and leave that genuine fucking shit out of ur way. cheers buddy

  37. maaz says:

    Thanks Itsme, your solution rocks….
    thanks a lot once again

  38. bianca says:

    comete algo sobre mim!!!

  39. Hey, if u want to have WMP 11 just instal it in normal way and delete validations setup file

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