ICall = Skype Killer?

Posted: June 25, 2006 in (App) Software review, General Area

I recently heard about Icall, (link to the left), and reviewing it's specs, and offering, it seems to be in the perfect position as a "Skype Killer". Free outbound to anywhere calls, free incoming calls (to a number that they provide you for free!), as well as FREE voicemail!. All these services are charged services under Skype* (*free outbound calls until the end of this year). I haven't used the software extensively, but I can say some things so far, there is no spyware, bloatware, malware, it's all clear and the install is quick and extremely basic (that's a good thing). I'm not to happy that there is no MAC version available atm, but it's relatively new, so I'll give them that. The sounds are horrible, they sound like someone recorded them inside a paper cup, best described as "foggy". I had several problems logging in at late times, just receiving an error that says "There was an error logging in…" uhhh no shit…you don't say?  Going to their website and logging into my account, I noticed that they are positioned to offer paid services, when the link to "Extra Services" is clicked, you get this message: " In a few weeks, you'll be able to order dirt cheap incoming numbers! Watch this page for updates." Ok cool. Your originally provided with one, so I personally wouldn't buy another, but that's just me. You have the ability to see all your received/missed calls, just like Vonage, and lastly for now, they are giving away a free Ipod a day, gee thats original. You basically refer a friend, and once you have 5 referrals, your entered into a "once a day" everday (for who knows how long) Ipod drawing plus $100, kewl. I'll give away the Ipod, since I already have a few, and since it doesn't specify what type of ipod (it could be an old fat ugly one for all we know) although they do show a picture of an Ipod nano, but we all know that pictures on the net are not to be taken as legitimate lol. I'll keep the hundred bucks and buy banana frappacinos for my whole office, those damn things are addicting. I'll have a full app review on Icall, as soon as Iv'e played with it enough. Stay tuned 

  1. Jhanjhri Shah says:

    for icall im always getting an error to log in and tells me that please try agian later.

    if anyone has a solution to this please let me know.

    Jhanjhri Shah

  2. Exempt says:

    I personally never found a work around, which is why I took it off my favorites, I was only able to get passed that Two or three times in a period of a month or so, and then the software crashed, Im not sure if it actually will ever work.

  3. Cintari says:


    The work around is to set your username and password in the settings window (rightclick systray icon). Then set auto login and restart the problem. That is the fix for the login error.


  4. Micah says:

    Setting your username and password in the settings window really works! Thanks Cintari!

  5. TFG says:

    It is true that you may call anyone in the USA for free, and the sound quality is fine if you placed the call, but terrible for the called party on the other end…kind of echo y. But free is free.. I use this as my only phone everyday.

  6. david says:

    iCall is for suckers. They lure you in and then mislead you. The features that were initially free eventually become “pro (pay)” only. They are a bunch of liars and scamers. I hate iCall. They are almost as bad as skype. Oh and good luck getting their “support” to send you a reply. This company will not last long.

  7. alice says:

    hi, i have used icall to contact my sister who is in usa n me from india. it was working fine for 1st 10 calls n then i got an error saying “u cant log in .pls check ur firewall setting”.
    but my firewall is in “OFF” condition.dont knw wat to do!
    If any1 of u guys knw wast to do, plz let me know.

  8. Joe says:

    I also have the same error, “u cant log in .pls check ur firewall setting”. I turned off my firewall too. Someone plz help.

  9. Jacquen Haggar says:

    iCall imploys DISHONEST sales tactics by using half truths. The website says free calls in the US — which is technically true, but what they don’t tell you is that the call can’t be more than 5 minutes at a time. On the home page it says they “hope to make money by selling headsets and getting you to use their directory” WRONG! They hope to make money by getting you to upgrade to their pro account. The software is practially useless without it.
    They should be up front about the cost of their service. There needs to be an alternative to skype.

  10. malvyn says:

    I can’t log in into icall. The error you can’t log in ” check your firewall setting” What should i do then. Please give me some advice

  11. ruthlessme83 says:

    Icall is fine… what i mean is- if you dont have to pay for it (witch you dont)
    and it works then what are you whining about, Ive been using Icall for about 3 months when i dont feel like running out my minutes for my cell.
    so if your not planing on using this free service as your main phone provider (and if you are thats really lame on your part) then it will work great for you as a alternative to jacked cell phone prices and nearly obsolete land lines…

  12. okwhat says:

    This is great sofware for dialing in some prank calls that’s for sure.

  13. binita says:

    i have problem with i call . it says app. error memory could not read / instruction at “0x5ad71531″referenced memory at 0x00000014”.

  14. flembot says:

    Just tried using it today for the first time. Had a heck of a time getting it to recognize my USB microphone, then it worked for a while, then the program started to crash unexpectedly, then it stopped working altogether. Very “buggy” software. Even when I manually exited the program I got errors.

    I uninstalled/reinstalled, made a few changes to my firewall settings, and it seems to be working now.

    Biggest problem is the “echo” heard on the other end. It’s really bad. I can’t complain too much since I’m using the free version, but I would NEVER pay a dime for it unless the echo problem got fixed.

  15. chris says:

    i am also having the “instruction at memory at problem” grr… i cant seem to find an answer anywhere. same exact numbers too-

    it says:The instruction at “0x5ad71531” referenced memory at “0x00000014”. The memory could not be “read”.


    please it would be muh appreciated my email is mailto://cmroican@gmail.com

  16. zaya says:

    it keeps telling me i have a firewall problem

  17. glennsmooth says:

    I been using icall for a few days on a spanking new iPod touch. I’m in the L.A. area. It works great from my home wifi and the wifi at work. I’m considering making it a cel phone replacement. Only setback is the damn ECHO on the other end. Calls originating from icall cause the receiving end to ECHO like crazy but if I accept a call using it there is no echo. Its almost perfect. Come on iCall fix this! I’m giving you $10/month. You can do it!

  18. anwarrex says:

    I can’t login to my account , it just gives me a error “music”! When i click login nothing happens , i am sure my network is very great ! Around 1GB on network speed…

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