Microsoft…This one is for the pals :)

Posted: June 25, 2006 in General Area, Opinions and Rants

Okay okay, I hear you! Iv’e got a few friends that work at Microsoft, resource managers, and two that work for the Microsoft Anti-Piracy team. Now these are buds, that I’ve either went to college with, or friends from before, and they’ve expressed a strong, and humorous advice that I should clarify my views on piracy, so that I don’t come off as Captain Hack over here. When I talk about piracy, obviously its most likely regarding downloading off the net, but the borders can get extremely vague at times. I burn backups, of DVD’s I’ve already purchased, with a collection almost reaching a thousand, and a busy work schedule, I’d be lucky if I could watch a specific singular DVD, once a year, however, sitting in a CD binder (that’s how I store so many without taking up to much space), I notice that they do in fact get slightly scratched over time. So I burn a backup, I own the original license, and no , I’m not going to sell them, I’ll leave that for the guys in downtown LA. This however constitutes piracy, just like the next guy who IS selling them on the street corner.

I use Tivo, just like a large percentage of Americans today, as mentioned before, with a hectic schedule, there is no way I can possibly catch my TV shows, (Rome, Deadwood, Sopranos, to name a few), so I use my Tivo (uhhh that’s what it’s intended for) to record the shows to watch at a later time….guess what? that’s piracy as well.

I own three ipods, a nano for jogging, a video ipod, and an older ipod mini. I purchased quiet a few songs off of itunes, but according to Apple and the RIAA, I MUST purchase a separate copy PER device. So therefore, copying the same songs to two other devices, that I own, and songs that I have paid for, that’s piracy.

So when I get all hot and heated, it’s because there is no rationalization going on here with these guys. With the rate and ridiculous methods going out against “borderline” piracy, soon you’ll have to pay to watch a sports game at your local bar, or guess what? You guessed it, the MPAA, or RIAA, will come knocking on your door.

I don’t promote piracy, not at all, I think of the guys who bootleg videos and “slang” them at Bike Night (I’m a street-bike, and chopper owner), I think there really just ghetto. But hey, who am I really to judge? he may need to feed some kids, aww who am I kidding, he’s probably terrorist supporting a world wide arms race (note the sarcasm). But really, I’m definitely NOT that guy. I don’t recommend using a copy of pirated windows ever, for almost nefarious reasons. I like Microsoft, despite minor jokes here and there, but I wouldn’t doubt for a second, that one day, they may possibly attempt to use some gestapo style tactics. I wouldn’t be to surprised if one day America wakes, up and goes to the office to find a “This copy of windows is pirated, you may not use windows, or retrieve your files until you purchase a license”, on your monitor. That would come as a shock to some of you, but hey, it wouldn’t be illegal on their part. This boils down to my promotion for licensed copies of Windows, however I can’t say the same for games or super stupid, but useful software apps, like WinRAR, or WinZip. I can honestly say, I don’t know anyone who actually purchased either of those. Either people use the trial version indefinitely, or they nab (pirate) a copy of it.

Iv’e got a great tip for software companies, and developers, if your app, is under 100mb, give it away for free, and make money off of advertising , and promotional sponsors. The open-source market is starting to make a great appeal to users of all ranges, take advantage of that….uhhh, cmon, look at Google and all their free apps, or Openoffice, or Linux distros. It reminds me of an old song from Sesame Street, “One of these kids is NOT like the other, One of these kids is doing it wrong…” . You don’t understand how bad you feel ripped off, when you spend $30, or $100 on a software app that is only freekin 760kb, and downloads faster than I can close my window and open up “My Documents”.

So all in all, sure I think we all have at one time or another “pirated” something, and I can’t say I won’t in the future, but it won’t be a copy of windows, or a movie recorded with some cheap camera (cmon guys if your going to do it at all, at least use a HD camera geez), but I can say this… “stay away from my booty .”

And for my buddies who work for MS, you can come over, have a beer, and run the validation tool on any of my computers, at any time, your always welcome 🙂

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