Coming soon… Full walkthrough on OpenSuse 10.1 with XGL on opengL Walkthrough

Posted: June 29, 2006 in (App) Software review, General Area

Just a heads up, I am currently working on the easiest method (compiled) for the cool effects that you see with Suse linux (10.1) using XGL/Compiz , I think that the current method is extremely simple, but have seen other struggle getting it to work properly. If you have no idea what Im talking about then watch this video below…basically, it puts OSX, and Vista to shame as far as visual effects (and in my opinion Stability and reliability)

[For video see above post: “SuSe 10.1 XGL”]
it’s not the greatest quality, but he/she goes over the really good features of XGL on Suse, like split desktop video, “Limp” windows, transperency windows with levels, check it out.


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