E-Rope, changing the way we plug shit in…

Posted: July 16, 2006 in General Area


This is “E-Rope” , which won the 2006 Idea award, created by Pratt students. These are not only aesthetically pleasing, cmon blue LEDs are sooOOO 2005-06 – ish, well hell, I still like them as long as there used in moderation…anyways, they are a great cure for “vampire power”. Think I’m making this up? Well I’m not! Vampire power is basically power that is still being drained even when a electronic device is turned off. Most devices still continue to trickle some power even in there standby modes, but turn these E-Ropes 90 degrees, and *blip* no more power drain. Now my opinion on these is, sure there cool looking, very high tech-ish, and sure if you have a hard time reaching a socket at an odd angle behind a couch, these will help you slightly, as for the vampire power deal, how about just unplugging the shit? “No pluggied in, no drainy”….but hey I’m all for innovation ..


  1. navimaster says:

    lmao, I was thinking the exact same thing…

    why not just unplug the device that drains power?

    I like it’s flexibility though … and the blue LEDs …

    yup, more high-tech is preferred

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