More Hardware & Software (and games) reviews coming…

Posted: July 29, 2006 in General Area

Since I lost my database of hardware reviews a few months ago, and since I wasn’t successful on recovering them, I will be bringing more hardware reviews on some new gadjets I recently picked up. I like to actually use the hardware for a week or so before writing a review (unlike other places that feel a need to slam out a review without really fully testing the product). A few cell phones, palm pilots, networking gear, and some other items are on the list. My day job has been really strenous lately, so I haven’t had much time to work on other things, including the blogs.

I have been sent like 15 games from a few buddies of mine to mess around with that I haven’t had the time to even install, so hopefully by Sunday I can install them and give em a whirl…it’s just that lately, when I finally have the time to do what I really want, playing games is the last thing on my mind…I usually do things that I need to, like ummm eat, and sleep..

But as I said I’ve got some good things coming soon..  🙂



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