How Dumb can Microsoft be?

Posted: July 30, 2006 in General Area

You know, there used to be a day when I loved Microsoft, defended them to the last stand. That day has long past since I started utilizing my Macs more, and previous to Mac’s Ive been a long fan of Knoppix, and Ubuntu. I only have a few (out of 13 computer systems) that still run Windows, my HTPC, which uses Windows Media Center, and a laptop that I use to diagnose or run apps in the “field”. Recently, my station at my office, which I use for invoicing and paychecks, which uses Windows XP pro, had a blue screen error upon boot. Kinda funny isn’t it? I own an I.T. company, with highly qualified techs, and yet I experience the same damn thing that someone else who has no knowledge of comptuers or how they work would.

Honestly, my first reaction was a good laugh…due to the irony of the whole situation. But none-the -less, I was only concerned with retrieving my backup files on the system (client invoices etc). I figured the easiest way, is how I (personally) would do it…boot from a Live Linux distro -insert your favorite distro here- and just mount a external USB harddrive and drag and drop, then perform a reinstall of Windows. Well I did that, all went fine, but upon my first boot (after a reformat and full reinstall of XP pro) I get a “Proccess_Initialization_Failed” blue screen now. I naturally looked up the meaning through Microsoft’s database, and came across this page, note the resolution that Microsoft gives, and tell me how damn stupid can you possibly be….go ahead click the link LOL.


EDIT: I had to perform another reinstall and everything worked the second time around….go figure..


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