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Little App found HERE , called “Chaos Crystal” allows the user to change the transparency of each window, I downloaded this and played with it a bit in the office, and it works just fine on a lower end system (our terminals are Sempron systems with integrated Video, and 512mb ram) and it runs it fine. I do think though, that it could be revised a little, and set so that all you have to do is hold down the ‘windows’ key and scroll the mouse wheel up and down to change the transparency, because at the moment you have to select each individual window and THEN change the transparency, so it’s not for the fast multi-tasker at all. Give it a try, and tell me what you think…


I performed several types of SuSe 10.1 installs recently, on numerous systems. If by chance you haven’t installed yet, there is a much easier method on installing the Nvidia drivers, instructions straight from Nvidia:

YaST -> Software -> Change installation Source -> Add

Protocol: FTP
  Server Name: :
  Directory on Server: novell

to add the NVIDIA ftp server as additional installation source.
Now use

YaST -> Software -> Install and Delete Software

to install the NVIDIA driver. Select the following packages:


"kernel-flavor" depends on your installed kernel. Check with 
"uname -r" for installed default/smp/bigsmp kernel. Use "sax2 -r"
for X.Org configuration.

I didn’t add the “kernel-flavor” to the search, you may or may not have to…..and there you have it, just reboot, and voila! 3d acceleration is enabled (it always is whenever the driver is running). Now I had a problem for some reason on certain installs, where the YAST and certain menu fonts were ridiculously TINY, I couldn’t read them for the life of me, so I found out that the pixel for font size was set to 56, when it should have been 96-99, and thats located in your Control Center.