Edit to SuSe 10.1 xgl Nvidia install

Posted: August 2, 2006 in General Area, How To

I performed several types of SuSe 10.1 installs recently, on numerous systems. If by chance you haven’t installed yet, there is a much easier method on installing the Nvidia drivers, instructions straight from Nvidia:

YaST -> Software -> Change installation Source -> Add

Protocol: FTP
  Server Name: : download.nvidia.com
  Directory on Server: novell

to add the NVIDIA ftp server as additional installation source.
Now use

YaST -> Software -> Install and Delete Software

to install the NVIDIA driver. Select the following packages:


"kernel-flavor" depends on your installed kernel. Check with 
"uname -r" for installed default/smp/bigsmp kernel. Use "sax2 -r"
for X.Org configuration.

I didn’t add the “kernel-flavor” to the search, you may or may not have to…..and there you have it, just reboot, and voila! 3d acceleration is enabled (it always is whenever the driver is running). Now I had a problem for some reason on certain installs, where the YAST and certain menu fonts were ridiculously TINY, I couldn’t read them for the life of me, so I found out that the pixel for font size was set to 56, when it should have been 96-99, and thats located in your Control Center.


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