PornoTube (think Adult YouTube)

Posted: August 9, 2006 in General Area

Yah so we go into a “shady” topic, well depending on your social views, it may not be that shady at all, but we’ll leave the politics out of this. Anyways, you can check out , while it’s first few weeks out was very gay, literally, it was saturated with homosexual content, so for us straight shooters, I steered clear or the queer. The backbone speed of PornoTube is nowhere near Youtube, and they probably still have a shitty caching setup. Like anything adult, its usually slow, bad quality, and has a lot of downtime. The reason I even chose to mention this topic, is actually for the advertising marketing that can be utilized on a site like this. Give it a few weeks (I wouldn’t put my money on months) and this will be a pop-up haven. Great for those in the adult industry products (dvd, toys, etc) but as always, bad for the dood that just wants to watch some adult entertainment. Keep an eye on this topic, I guarentee this will air on headlines very shortly, if it hasn’t already…and watch the flood gates open.

  1. nidi says:

    your such a perv

  2. exempt says:

    Mind you people, this is my ex girlfriend…so whats that make YOU? lol j/k

  3. Lance says:

    I cannot speak for pornotube as I represent (released in March 2006, ahead of ptube), the first site of this nature. We do not allow pop ups, pup unders or other forms of invasive advertising. The gay market really seems to enjoy XTube, as do the straight men, but one thing to keep in mind is that the gay market has more disposable income for adult content. Those who ‘cater to the cock’ get paid.

  4. Sinatra says:

    See, similar but straighter. No pop-ups just popping.

  5. test1 test says:

    nice site nice site nice site

  6. Jim B says:

    See, similar but straighter and real amateurs. No pop-ups just popping.

  7. I personally like as it doesn’t save any cookies to your compure and is not full of ads

  8. NakedSource says:

    I prefer

    It has porn style videos as well as homemade amatuer videos.

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  10. Jr says:

    This naked source is crazy

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