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Posted: August 21, 2006 in General Area

I love politics, but rarely do I touch the subject, since it spurs immediate heat and arguments , but recently, all over the television, and internet, I see complete morons. Yes that’s correct, complete idiots, stupidity beyond explanation. Either our education system is failing us, or we as Americans have way to much time on our hands. On Youtube there is this video  which shows a young teen with a sign that says “FUCK BUSH” on a street corner getting arrested. Majority of the comments, well, are from complete idiots, who claim that he’s being arrested for his “freedom of speech”. Another video shows a 17 year old teen getting arrested for smoking 1 marijuana joint, and again, complete morons chopping it up again.

Have you personally fought for our freedom of speech? Because I have. I spent three years in the middle east, defending our country, another 2 years in other parts of the world. I’ve actually served my country…and you know what disgusts me the most? People that don’t do shit but complain about how much freedom they don’t have…or how their rights are being violated. The stupid kid is being arrested because the sign is vulgar, not because of his opinion. Walk into the nearest gas station and start yelling “fuck fuck fuck” over and over, and if you get arrested, are you being arrested for speech? No your being arrested for being a obnoxious asshole.

America completely puzzles me these days. We have teens in college that sympathize with Al queda, and other terrorist groups, actually calling them “organized religious groups”, and that we as Americans are harassing them as that is the cause of their violence. We have Americans that sit around and throw cheap slander and stupid comments about our President. For those un-educated people, realize this..that you are doing more damage to your country than you realize. You don’t get sympathy from other countries, you just make our country look like shit as a whole. Sure our president isn’t the smartest cookie, but he’s our president, like it or not, the “American” thing to do is to support him. We’ve got college students, who have NEVER LEFT THE GODDAMN COUNTRY, who snatch up some completely stupid idea, that they have the slightest idea of whats going on in other countries. Kids and people, that have this huge oral desire to fix problems in America, but are to chicken shit to actually do anything about it.

Now the kid with the pot… our media glorifies weed, in music, television, movies… it makes me sick. It’s a drug, that Americans have learned to tolerate, due to it’s over exposure….so this, in some way, makes it “ok”. Pot heads love to rave about how it’s all natural, it grows from the earth. So does, cocaine, peyote, opium, and shrooms to name a few. Then druggies retort, ” but it’s not processed”….really? Some of the best marijuana, medical grade I mean, is grown in hydroponic stations, where there is no soil that the plant sits in, but chemicals (yes some are vitamins) that make the weed grow stronger and more potent. Drugs are Drugs, like sins are sins, a lie is a lie, and the kid should receive the same punishment that he would have received, if he was carrying $20 of heroin.

We as Americans, should learn to be a little more appreciative, most Americans have no concept of what freedom we have. Sitting down with your family, having dinner, is a privilege that you should appreciate , it’s a luxury that some kids and some fathers and mothers do not have in other countries, and since a good 70% of Americans have never left America, they have no concept of this, but they sure as shit love to talk as if they did…

  1. Jimbo says:

    Dude, I love what you’re saying.

    I’ve never been in the military as you know, but I do understand what freedom we have that other do not have. All I hear about in my college classes is shit about our civil liberties being infringed for this that and the other. MTV does the same shit with their whole Rock the Vote bullcrap. They’re just a propaganda machine that promotes disinformation in order to coax the impressionable youth vote in a certain way. It got my blood boiling when they had a big ad campaign that tried to put the draft implementation bills in the hands of Rumsfeld and the Republicans, but any idiot with half a brain can take 2 minutes to look up that said bills were introducted and sponsored by House Reps/Senators who were DEMOCRATS. MTV thinks that they’re trying to be non-partisan with the Rock the Vote, but they’re just promoting their agenda. They only interview musicians who support their anti-establishment ideology. Kids are totally eating out of MTVs hand.

    I hate voter registration campaigns. They are aimed at uninformed, uninterested citizens. These are not the people we should have voting. Yes, they have the right to vote, I don’t have a problem with that. But many of these campaigns (read: Rock the Vote) are only in business to have people vote the way they want. There shouldn’t be a poll tax or a voting competency test, but if people care about their country, they’re already voting. By adding a bunch of uninformed apathetic voters, the pool gets diluted. The people who care, the people who know, are already voting.

    Teachers always ask “Who voted in the last election?” and not many people raise their hands. The teacher is shocked and tries to get people to vote, but its only because the teacher wants his/her own ideology promoted.

    There’s an old saying that I heard many many years ago and it goes a little bit like this: There are too many people who exercise their freedom of speech, but who do not exercise their freedom of thought.


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