Youtube has issues, they need to handle their problems…

Posted: August 30, 2006 in General Area

If your a frequent user of Youtube, then no doubt, youv’e noticed how often you get “internal server errors” or the infamous, “a team of highly trained monkeys has been dispached to handle your issue”. Sending internal emails via Youtube is almost hopeless, I think I have about 40 messages that I cannot respond to, and it makes me feel bad, since they are questions pertaining to help on certain topics.

As far as issues, I am a little dissapointed about how much non American content is on there. Tons of shit in Japanese, or some asiatic language, that have nothing to do with video blogging. Japanimation is all over it as well, and I don’t feel that it should be allowed on there, since it has to be original creators content…and I highly doubt that the artist who drew the animation is the same person posting it.

Youtube has come a long way in a very short amount of time, and it has amazing potential of being a conglamerate in the cyber world, but most likely it will follow the 2k+ trend of selling out, by allowing advertisers to spam and eventually have popups. It already started the annoying Macromedia flash player adds, that flash and have stupid marketing like “shoot the duck for a free ipod”! Really!? Cmon there isn’t really somebody out there that stupid (or at least I’d like to believe).

If Youtube is to succeed, keep the content rich, and plentiful, and definately original. Keep Hollywood, and movie previews and advertisers out. Trim down the banner adds to non abrasive advertisements, since I do know that they are neccessary to generate revenue, but at least let us use adblock to block the space, instead of using flashblock, or noscript exstensions (were all using firefox now right? heh ), so stop with the macromedia player please, and a lot more people will be much happier.

  1. Paul S says:

    Regarding YouTube being largely American, have you seen “Daily Motion”? A similar idea but the content is much more international. Oddly, I came across when a friend sent me a link to a clip from some USA talent-spotting programme (

    As a complete aside – your 3m4s video on YouTube of XGL running on SUSE – what’s the harmonica music you used?


  2. exempt says:

    It comes from the Kill Bill soundtrack, I forgot the name, I can find out when I get back to the house. 🙂

    Ill check out dailymotion 🙂

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