Online Spotlight officially ruined

Posted: October 18, 2006 in General Area, Opinions and Rants

I’m not sure how many of you actually use the “Online Spotlight” function on your HTPC, which is part of Media Center. I occasionally click on it and let it play out while Im getting ready in the morning. Well I havent touched it in about 5 months, and this morning I turn it on, and guess what I see? Well f–k guessing, I’ll tell you, commercials, yah that’s right, goddamn commercials, on net broadcasted news. I think the only reason I chose to use this on my HTPC,  (referring to the Online Spotlight) was for the simple reason, that it had news, without commercials, without spam. When I find a way around this, whether I have to bittorrent news that has been pre-tivo’d, or I’ll tivo and upload myself if I have to, but I will find a way to enjoy, no spam, no advertisements, no commercial, television, I’ll let you know.


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