Web Reputation Defender/Cleaner Service

Posted: November 17, 2006 in General Area

It’s pretty funny that a company even exists to perform such a service, but I guess with the blogosphere, and all the forums and digital marketplace, this is almost neccessary. So lets say youve got some bad pictures leaked onto the web of your 18 year old daughter, and now she is infamous on Myspace for her amazing –insert dirty idea here– and you’d like to clean it up…or more realisticly, if you remember the Star Wars nerd, playing with a broomstick light saber, the video that was leaked onto the web, had damaging consequences to the poor kids life and reputation, well then this is the web service for you. The fees are reasonable in most cases, typically around 10-16$ a month depending on how long you subscribe to their service. I personally could care less, a web reputation is simple as a nickname change, unless you’ve invested a lengthy amount of time to build a reputable…errr reputation, then certain situations can arise from some of the shady characters that crawl the web. I’ve ran into a few on Youtube,  even here on the blog. Negative feedback though, when projected properly, is actually very good for repor, and personal growth depending on how you take it…and remember everything posted by a completely random nobody, should be taken with a grain of salt.

So if you feel a need to save your web reputation, check them out here:



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