Free ebook Literature

Posted: November 28, 2006 in Favorite Sites, General Area

I’ll keep this short, I’m swamped at the office, but anyways, I don’t always have the luxury of reading as much as I’d like, and another excuse I’ll toss out there, is that my briefcase is usually packed with essentials, one of them being my Palm Lifedrive (it’s a palm pilot for you non-techies…want pics or a link?…..cmon…google that shit) , so Microsoft has listings of a ton of free literature that you can easily read on a palm pilot, I set my brightness settings to as low as possible, and read whenever I get a few minutes here or there, waiting in between meetings and what not. Also, since I am staring at a palm pilot, it looks as if I am still doing something important. Check it out here: Clicky Here

  1. ferman says:

    Tons of FREE Ebooks
    Download in one Click

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