Happy Holidays (one day late)… and the year in reflection…

Posted: December 26, 2006 in General Area

Well another year has gone by, actually not just gone by, but blew by. This year has been crazyness for me, hell I started the year off by going to jail! Finalized the seperation from the ex, went through two relationships, received some of the worst news I could tolerate, and found myself reflecting on myself and my life towards year end…and re-adjusting to being a almost 30 something bachelor again…Like I said it’s been a crazy year. I’ve been fortunate enough to have great friends, in media, television, and the blogosphere to have my articles and reviews on several websites and newspapers, and enough activities to keep me busy and occupied throughout all the insanity!

Before this article hits C|Nets Newsburst and a few other rapid news feeds, I wanted to give my readers a run down of this past year, from a personal, technical and business view…some of this information will not make it into the article once it’s edited, so here it is, unedited David…

Technically speaking, the tech market saw a slight re-peak in technical related interests, both gadjet wise, and market shifts. We saw products like the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and xbox 360 come and linger. Large business merges like ATI with AMD and Nvidia with Intel helped to diversify and increase competition on the microprocessor and GPU niche. Oblivion dropped our jaws on release and a month later you were over it. World of Warcraft hit 8 million players, the largest ever in a MMORPG, (god you guys are nerds!) j/k… and I still have yet to try it, actually honestly I probably never will play that game, not enough time. Ad campaigning has entered the media streams of the largest boom of online video hosting this year, with YouTube, Metacafe, Ebaumsworld.. etc, and I don’t forecast a near future decrease in it. Get ready for the next wave of digital enhancement via satellite stream directly to your mobile, the technology is here, whether your ready or not. Try and keep up people.

The Piratebay organization was raided by the FBI and was down for a few days, and resurrected with three locations in three different countries, ” take that MPAA and RIAA!” Bittorrent- uhhh Bittorent-ing (?) has started to hit the “mainstream” user base and we all had our wins and losses with the RIAA and MPAA, whatever your political view is there is still a lot is left on the drawing board and a lot of laws are still to come. Windows Vista is Microsoft’s upcoming flop, as nobody is delighted with its mimicking of a eye candy GUI like apple, and the fact that it’s a huge resource hog…sorry Microsoft, just not doing it for us techies… DRM is another battle with Vista and our rights and privacy with our own purchased media.

Digg.com hit record highs with its ever increasing user base, and went through three revisions, always looking better and better, and becoming more user friendly, great job Kevin Rose. Podcasting made an enormous impact on the way media is streamed or downloaded to your [insert media player preference here], and is ever changing faster than a fashion whore Diggnation is still popping out podcasts and K-Rose and Alex still make me laugh, and it’s great to see other guys in the same age group still geeking to live, living to geek, *Raise a Sam Adams to you guys* .

Nanotechnology made record breakthroughs this year, in several sectors, Nuerology field, cancer prevention and treatment, nano-scale treatment delivery, Nanoscience, just to name a few. It won’t be long before we have our own Advil/Flu shot/Nyquil/Centrum production centers located conveniently tucked away inside our bodies…actually wait….were already there in case you didn’t know… A little more technical, Oligodeoxynucleotides are synthetic polymers, (now becoming more popular, and are synthesized to be used as therapeutic agents, blocking disease processes by blocking the synthesis of a particular protein. This would be achieved by the binding of the ODN to the mRNA from which that protein is normally synthesized. This can be used for prevention or treatment of many diseases/illnesses like….breast cancer, HIV, cytomeglovirus, asthma, leukemia, to name a few. errr sorry did I nerd out on ya there? Nanotechnolgy is a huge passion of mine, and watching it’s progress in the last year/ two years is amazing, I just can’t wait to see its application in military use… Enhanced cellular reproduction, Nano-enhanced body armor, hell even nano enhanced biological warfare…having a Nano-Bio enhanced weapon that can be turned on and off at the stroke of a keyboard... anyways…..

Well as I stated twice already, here’s the third, it’s been a crazy effen year, and I’ve learned a lot about myself… I learned I don’t like coffee with cigarettes, and that Yeager and tequila are a great mix…just kidding…there not. I learned that the things in life that make me happy, are when I am sacrificing something personal, and am rewarded accordingly. I’ve learned to love better, love myself and love others, to forgive others that have caused me hurt or harm, and to be a strong man no matter the situation that is presented in front of me. Ive learned to appreciate life more, and I’ve learned that 99% of people don’t have a realistic view of life, because they believe they have all the time in the world, or because they have been taught wrong values and beliefs in life..and cannot see the wiser. Trust me when I say that, in one day, one hour, one minute, you can get news that changes every-single-fckin belief that you’ve ever been raised with, and make you look at life and the world around you completely differently.

In closing and most likely the last post for this year, 2006, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, “This is the real me,” and when you have found that attitude, follow it. -Anonymous [have to find author before submitting]

” The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper. ” – Aristotle [verified]
“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. ” –Cherokee saying [verified]
“When you have a sense of your own identity and a vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life.” -Stedman Graham [verified]

And my favorite:
“Those people in life who believe true love is abound and waiting for it to find them, or searching for it, are the ones who are to blind to see that they themselves do not know what true love is, and no matter if they are 10 [years old] or 100, those people have much to learn about love, because it requires a lot of work and patience to learn what true love feels like…it is a process that involves time and dedication. What would God’s world [and humans] be, if he didn’t put any hard work and dedication into us? Not a world of love, but a bunch of ignorant monkeys, basking in their own self righteousness, their own self-worth and beauty, selfishly waiting for someone to find “them” or ignorantly searching while another waits”. C’mon people go out there and get smart. -Dr Laura Schlessinger [verified]

Have a great and safe New years, see you back in 2007. Thanks for all the comments, and emails throughout the year!

-David Genovese aka “Exempt”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Good shit man. I know you’re busy, but I always check out your site looking for new posts. I do have to blame you for lots of my wasted time though: you introduced me to digg. Man I love that site. I don’t know if you have them linked here, but I’d like to see some of your articles that are in CNet.

    Take care and have a great new year.

  2. exempt says:

    Heya Jimbo! Sorry I haven’t had time to catch up with you, been swamped with so many different things. Digg.com is an awesome site for news broadcasting, but lately it’s filled up with so much cheesy shit, but never-the-less, with the right filters you can read great news without the junk. If you want to read any of my articles you can subscribe to C|net newsburst and the other feeds, and you will receive and email with my un-edited article, (well sometimes it’s edited before), or you have my personal email, so just drop me a line, and Ill just RSS feed them into your email addy. 🙂 Take care brother and have a safe and happy new years 🙂

  3. droppingby says:

    I read your article about “Restructuring DNA to fit our needs”, that was published in Applied Nueral Sciences for UCLA, great work, more than great, it was amazing. You got a lot of vision, it still amazes me that you dont have a doctorate in the medical field. Keep up the good work, I subscribed to your articles 🙂

  4. Exempt says:

    THanks “Droppingby”, WoW I am amazed you remember that article, I wrote it like almost two years ago! I actually have a seminar at UCLA for 80 people, seating is almost filled up, but I can get you a seat, Ill be speaking about the evolution of our DNA and applying nano-enhancement to DNA. If your interested in psychology, I am scheduling a seminar at Cal State LA about De-bunking stereo-typical Relationship handling methods sometime around third quarter of next year. Thanks for reading my work, I really appreciate it.


  5. DrJoelFreemand says:

    Are you the same kid that was in People Magazine on up and coming entrepenuers in 2005? You look just like him if not. If you are, then congratulations, you’ve got a lot of passion, keep up the great work, if not, well you still do great work.

  6. Exempt says:

    Crap, comments and emails are pouring in! I received 122 emails since i posted this yesterday! You guys/girls rock! In response to Dr Joel Freemand, yes that was me in People Magazine, different hair cut at the time. I am SoooOOO suprised that people out there remember my articles and articles on me from like 1-2 years ago, thats amazing! So before anyone asks, I was in LA times twice last year, “A Commanding Presence” was the article topic if I remember correctly, and I forget the other one, hell maybe one of you remember LOL…

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