WPA , WMP , WGA , Windows Validation hack , patch , whatever you want to call it…

Posted: February 15, 2007 in General Area, How To

I posted this a while back but still get a lot of emails requesting “how to” or what not, so here is the link again…keep in mind, this is a complete and full work around for Validation, Windows Media Player, etc, it allows you to download all Microsoft Genuine products from Microsoft/downloads, like IE7 yadaa yadaa…


  1. Aca says:

    Hi. Can someone send me that hack because the links don;t work anymore. ifyoumesswiththebest@yahoo.co.uk. THANX!!!!

  2. Exempt says:

    New link sent to you, cheers mate 🙂

  3. alex says:

    hi could u send me a new link too thanks =)

  4. alex says:

    oops forgot my email. its wong791@hotmail.com

  5. Exempt says:

    Ive updated the link, it should work, give it a try if it doesnt, thenlet me know andI will send you the link via email 🙂

  6. Jim says:

    Could you please send me that hack because the links don;t work anymore,


  7. Bill says:

    ummmm yea… can u send me it too please and thanks….
    my email is lito26gl@yahoo.com

  8. -MX- says:

    hey this thing said that file is in unknown format or damaged. can help me through this thx.

  9. Ktagirl says:

    Hello David, i just wanted to let you know that you are a true HERO! you are my idol! I was wondering if you or someone who has it can send me the link of this rar file because the link is not working, it says page cannot be displayed, i think is a conspiracy…my mail is ktagirl78@yahoo.com
    I really appreciate as i don`t want to make bill gate`s bank account bigger 🙂

  10. David says:

    Im about to go watch the Liddel fight, if Im not to hammered when I get back I will post tonight, if not tommorow! Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!


  11. David says:

    Finally figured it out, I was wondering why people said that the link didnt work and it does, there is a block from WordPress that isn’t allow you to complete the url request, gaaaaaaaayness.

    Ill just email the link to anyone that asks!

    lito and kta, youve both got mail

  12. matt says:

    yo thanks its awwwwsome now plz hack internet explorer and windows blinds….. plz underworldgatekeeper@hotmail.com contact me

  13. G. says:

    It worked just fine for me !

  14. florian says:

    how do u open the torrent? (im not realy into this kind of stuff, so i dont know nothing about it 😛 just want mp11 to work :P) cud u pls reply to my email? not here, prolly wont never see this again 😛

    ftgamble@gmail.com (spam it if u like :P, im trying to get 50.000 spam mails in a month)

  15. Jordan says:

    Hi could you please send me the file? I tryied to download from limewire but content was removed. my e-mail is yes2him@hotmail.com

  16. Phillo says:

    hi if you could email the link to me please

  17. jeff says:

    been looking for this for ages could someone please send the link cheers

  18. Hal says:

    Excellent info on how to bypass wga and/or remove and prevent wga and make your copy of windows xp pro validate successfully across the board. Including via Windows Update.


  19. David says:

    Hi, I’m in desperate need of the hack as well. My e-mail is DimarypEvans@yahoo.com

  20. Dub says:

    So does this really circumvent the WPA for windows XP because after UNRARing the files and double clicking to install the reg file the little keys icon in the taskbar still shows up? Am I doing something wrong?

  21. Jae says:

    Hi, I’m desperate myself … have a desktop that i have been trying to hack myself … tried so many different patches,fixes yadda yadda and none works … each time the little key in the taskbar keeps showing up … if someone on here would be kind enough to email me the patch or the link to it would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance. My email is ppbnj@yahoo.com

  22. JD says:

    please email me the link

  23. CSA says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to maintain WMP 10 which I had before the misleading update WMP 11 came. I do not have Windows updates activated.? I did a restore to the installation of WMP 10 which I am not sure why it says WMP 10 when I already had it. There is no restore point before the WMP 10 that works. I just want to keep WMP 10. Thanks for any help u can offer.

  24. kishor patil says:

    i want the patch or hack for counterfeiting problem please senmd me my email ID is kishorem.patil@gmail.com

  25. jo says:

    hi, i accidentally did a windows update, now its telling me that i’m a victim of software counterfeiting. Is there anyway i can solve this problem? could u let me know?
    thanks a lot!

  26. nik leo says:

    this does not work anymore. if anyone has a solution please email to aramis.leo@gmail.com

  27. David says:

    Nik Leo, did you update to SP3?

  28. Travis says:

    can u help me please send me the link for the patch please. thx in advance my email is thester91@yahoo.com

  29. olat says:

    can someone send me a patch for windows xp, to defeat microsoft activation. Thanks

  30. olat says:

    can someone send me a patch for windows xp, to defeat microsoft activation.

  31. Dirk says:

    Hi Exempt would you please email the info on how to defeat the M$ activation.

  32. Dirk says:

    Sorry the email did not get published in the last comment.

  33. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/3653114/Windows_Media_Player_11_Final___WINDOWS_VALIDATION_CRACK.rar this is the link, I have it posted above in the originial post as a hyperlink however sometimes WordPress doesn’t allow you to click it…

  34. bruce says:

    hey guys, i’ve got a bit of a problem with this..
    i downloaded it, installed the .reg file and proceeded to wmp installation, but when i clicked ‘Validate’ it said it couldn’t check my software’s Authentication (or something like that) … please, help me out!
    i don’t know if it matters, but i suppose it might be because i’ve got SP3 installed..

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