Vista Media Center Codecs

Posted: March 15, 2007 in (App) Software review

The best option to play a lot (but not all) video file formats, is the K-Lite mega codec pack which can be downloaded by clicking HERE. Make sure to disable all FF filters, seems to crash Media Center. As well as download quicktime alternative (plays .MOV files in Windows Media Player) HERE. You may want to try out Theorica Codec Packages located here as well, Ive had successes with it in the past witn Windows XP Media Center, download page is HERE . There is a Nemo Codec package, which is usually good as well, but cannot be installed with the K-lite Mega Pack installed. You can download the Nemo Codec package HERE . I have yet to find a full singular package solution that would allow me to play all file formats within Windows Vista Media Center.  Playing within the new media center can be a very frustrating time, it frequently crashes, and for some reason , “between screen” load times are horrible, even on a system that qualifies high on the new Microsoft rating system. Next week I’ll see if I can get plugins for XP Media Center to work within Vista’s Media Center.

Have fun…

  1. wayne says:

    I recently bought a media C, dual core 4gb ram 500g drives etc. In playing H264 or mp4 in MC the video stalls and then fast plays every few seconds while the same file in WMP plays flawlessly, I did remove the vista codecs and installed Klite mega pack, the problem is when I go to c:\media centre install files the vista and xvid codecs are still there.
    how do I get MC to use the Klite pack and remove the vista ones??
    any help appreciated.

  2. David says:

    Hey wayne,

    what I had to do was basically install multiple codec packs, and then manually go into either the directory or preferences, or setup apps, and uncheck or rename codec files that interfere with other codecs, it really is a pain in the ass to get Media center to play all videos files flawlessly, and to this date, I have yet to correct certain problems that should have been an easy fix (subtitles for one!) . Basically though for your problem, rename any default vista codecs, like:
    example: Xvic.dcl , rename it to OLDXvic.dcl , so if something goes wrong you know what you changed them to.

    Also keep in mind that Media Center is a resource hog, and if you add add-ons to it, it can get even worse, which tends to cause a lot of slow down then rapid catch up in playback. I disable ALL unnecessary services in Vista.

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