WhatsonMyBookshelf.com and Free E-Book s

Posted: March 17, 2007 in Favorite Sites

A nerdy but cool website that Ive been using (and should have been spreading the news)  is www.whatsonmybookshelf.com . The website is a networking and trading website allowing you to get books by a simple point system. You register for the website (which is free) and register what books you currently have and want to trade with other users. You recieve points by the amount of books and for successful trades.  It’s a very simple site to use, and you can get all your FAQ’s answered HERE. If your like me and read a lot of books, then this works very well, and allows you to read new material for just the cost of shipping a book via standard mail (usually like a $1.12) or less. You can keep the book if you want (take it off your trading list) but I would read it, and send it off.  If your a little more high tech, have a PocketPC, or Palm Pilot, or any portable multimedia device ( even an Ipod ), you can use this website here for free e-books, in either HTML or with a little tech knowledge you can covert them to PDF, or Rich Text Format. There are by default able to be read by a Palm Pilot or Microsoft Reader. I was able to use a free open source software for my Ipod and am able to read on my Ipod, but in reality, I never used it,  I just wanted to see if its possible, but I guess if you don’t have a Palm Pilot or a new Motorola Q (or blackjack/blackberry etc)….then this will work.

Have fun and enjoy

  1. Dan says:


    I was just checking out the site’s logs and noticed your post about WhatsOnMyBookshelf. Thanks for the mention about our site and I’m glad you enjoyed it. On an ironic note I noticed that you and I have recently blogged about free e-books!

  2. Exempt says:

    Hi Dan, Thanks for stopping by! I love your site, and what it does for the online community, outstanding concept and application. I originally heard of whatsonmybookshelf.com from a friend of mine, and have been using it since. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. madno says:

    yup keep up the great work

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