Pay Attention guys

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Opinions and Rants

This will only take two seconds…. Someone should have photo-chopped that wedding ring off her finger… Oh yah, that’s what *I* (note sarcasm) want to see, a nice looking woman in scanty clothes, that’s effen married…whoop dee fuckin doo. Hooking up with married chicks is like lighting a short fused firecracker, you know you want to do it, but your afraid it’ll blow up in your face.

  1. exempt says:

    see the hyper link “off her” , maybe you missed it.

  2. Jim says:

    Now I get it….. hehe yeah, I’m slow. She be hawt though. I never see girls like that at the Mac store though; they’re always big and husky and well… ugly.

  3. nidi says:



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