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The Palm Foleo was announced today by Palm (of course). It’s not a laptop, but a “Smartphone companion”. To me it’s a small laptop, another gadjet to lug around, another travel tech case to carry. Besides making Palm INC stocks move up 2.6% (tad more after close), I can’t see a logical benefit in this product.

Palm Foleo
About 3 years ago I purchased the Palm Lifedrive, and was no longer fond of the stylus operation after about a month, so I end up purchasing the bluetooth folding keyboard, and ultimately I ended up leaving both at home since I’m not to fond of keeping track of my wallet, mont blanc pen, two razor cell phones then adding more shit like a palm pilot, and a folding keyboard…my point being, if I am already carrying around this shit for battery life, thick as a dictionary “Smartphone” did you really think I wanted to carry a thin laptop to accompany it?.Seems like the R&D team had no new ideas, and the consumer market was hoping for a new Blackberry or something magical.

Now out comes the Foleo, a 10″ screen essentially laptop, that allows you to type longer emails, browse the slow ass web on a larger screen. Even funnier, they brought back that retarded sandy nipple feeling mouse pointer, and left out a touchpad, or even a touch screen. Pros? Sure …as long as Palm sticks to the Linux OS, it should run smooth on the microprocessor and eventually someone will re-create a better GUI, and allow the Foleo to have more usability. Or hell, you could probably flash the OS out of it, slap on Knoppix, and wifi/bluetooth hack every smartphone around you! With a sticker price of $500.oo, without the carrying case, I’m sure only a complete Palm fanboy would whip out the plastic on this one. You can see the Palm Foleo in all its “un-glory” on it’s page HERE

Yah the real deal, some clever hacker had posted this a while back through various channels, thought someone might like to check it out. Basically if you downloaded Windows Vista (BILL GATES)  EDIT :(does not have to be the BILL GATES ed, works for all versions) edition from TPB, or Torrentspy, there is numerous hacks/bypasses so you can keep and still update your Win Vista indefinitely, or at least for like 80 years. Its the real deal, if you want to know where to download the bad boy, just drop me a comment and I’ll steer you to the link. I do not keep, host, or maintain the file,  I just know where to get it.  🙂  I posted the link, but WordPress, or some other mysterious force, keeps preventing my readers from being able to redirect to the hyperlink.

However if I were you, I would stay with Win2k, or WinXP, Vista is slow, and is shit.  Switch to Ubuntu, or OSX!

Office activities:

Posted: May 23, 2007 in General Area

Here are some ways to pass time while in the office,  good stuff as long as you don’t work for me 😉

watch streaming news/tv while in the office:

Of course this one is widely known, but just in case: Youtube  If you run out of terms to search for, try fights, brawl, pranks, jokes, magic, decent search terms to kill time. isnt to bad either.

Hopeless romantic? try this, but I personally think the fckin calculator is broken: Perfect Love Calculator 

Artistic? Draw a picture, hit DONE and it will convert it into a stereogram picture: Flash Stereo 

Educate yourself, Science videos : 

Take an IQ test, find out how smart, or well, how dumb you really are!: IQ Test

Create a false Identity: Im not joking 

Join the Meetro community, it’s like AIM, Googletalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger, but much better, and with location awareness: 

Build a paper airplane, and throw it at that annoying asshole who keeps making personal calls on work time, even though you are making paper airplanes during work time. Worlds best paper airplane 

Write someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, something meaningful, if your lazy, type an email, and it will actually look like your working.

Leave a question about anything in the comment box, and I can answer anything.

Now get back to work!

I recently wrote about the usefulness of using Gmail Drive (PC), or Gdisk (Mac), and how I was not able to view files or directories from one OS when uploaded from the other (OS). Well this utility does just that,it’s called G-Space, and it is perfect Gmail space utilization, with multi OS compatibility.  I do have to add though, that it is only for use in Firefox, but then again, if your not using Firefox, then your probably not technologically educated enough to use G-Space in the first place…Grab it here; CLICK HERE 🙂

If your running WinXP Media Center Edition, I’ve noticed that not many people are aware that there are third party  add-ons, like checking your weather from Media Center, or having custom covered DvD labels that direct you straight to the movie. Anyways I could go on with naming different add-ons, since there are quiet a few, so here’s a few links where you can grab them. The ones for Win Vista Media Center are quirky, and well…Win Vista’s Media Center crashes enough as it is, so I would wait a while if you want an un-interupted movie experience .

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

You should find everything you need for XP Media Center Edition (as far as plugins) on these three sites, there are  a few other sites that were excluded since they charge for software, and we all know that i promote open source software…so while they have great software, I wouldn’t pay $5.00 for a 32kb file size download. You either? Well good thing, cause they are actually charging $30.oo for the 32kb file size download.

If your like many gmail account holders, you probably have numerous email accounts assigned to just you. Don’t know how to get more than one? Shit, send yourself an invitation, rinse and repeat. Each account comes with 2+ gbs of space, and even having my for several years now, and receiving about 120 emails per account (give or take) I use about 3% of all that storage space. So a while back, I came across these handy little programs, Gmail Drive (PC) and Gdisk (Mac).  The PC version creates a drive under your “My Computer” as a Gmail Drive, which after you login, you can easily upload files into the drive, and therefore, they will be available at any location provided you have internet access. There used to be a 10mb per file restriction but that’s long gone, and you can max out the 2+ gb with data or pictures. For me, it works as a digital briefcase, I don’t have to lug my laptop from home to office, vice versa, I just drag the files I was working on in the office, into the gmail drive, and grab them from my home computer. Simplicity. The Mac version Gdisk, is slightly different, and to be honest a tiny bit more user friendly. There is a better GUI,  and cleaner upload status indicator. The Mac version runs as a program as opposed to just installing itself as a drive. Both programs offer the ability to create seperate folders to better seperate files within the gmail space.

The only negative thing I can say is that I found that there is no backwards compatibility, so if I upload a PDF from my Windows Laptop, into gmail drive and when I went home I wanted to grab the file from my Mac Gdisk, same account and yet I wasnt able to, I wan not able able to see the folder or the individual files, sooOOO hopefully someone will make a cross platform, backwards compatbile app to do this.

Grab Gmail Drive HERE (PC)
and Gdisk HERE (MAC)