Gmail Drive & Gdisk – Use your Gmail account as storage space

Posted: May 2, 2007 in (App) Software review, General Area

If your like many gmail account holders, you probably have numerous email accounts assigned to just you. Don’t know how to get more than one? Shit, send yourself an invitation, rinse and repeat. Each account comes with 2+ gbs of space, and even having my for several years now, and receiving about 120 emails per account (give or take) I use about 3% of all that storage space. So a while back, I came across these handy little programs, Gmail Drive (PC) and Gdisk (Mac).  The PC version creates a drive under your “My Computer” as a Gmail Drive, which after you login, you can easily upload files into the drive, and therefore, they will be available at any location provided you have internet access. There used to be a 10mb per file restriction but that’s long gone, and you can max out the 2+ gb with data or pictures. For me, it works as a digital briefcase, I don’t have to lug my laptop from home to office, vice versa, I just drag the files I was working on in the office, into the gmail drive, and grab them from my home computer. Simplicity. The Mac version Gdisk, is slightly different, and to be honest a tiny bit more user friendly. There is a better GUI,  and cleaner upload status indicator. The Mac version runs as a program as opposed to just installing itself as a drive. Both programs offer the ability to create seperate folders to better seperate files within the gmail space.

The only negative thing I can say is that I found that there is no backwards compatibility, so if I upload a PDF from my Windows Laptop, into gmail drive and when I went home I wanted to grab the file from my Mac Gdisk, same account and yet I wasnt able to, I wan not able able to see the folder or the individual files, sooOOO hopefully someone will make a cross platform, backwards compatbile app to do this.

Grab Gmail Drive HERE (PC)
and Gdisk HERE (MAC) 


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