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Posted: May 23, 2007 in General Area

Here are some ways to pass time while in the office,  good stuff as long as you don’t work for me 😉

watch streaming news/tv while in the office:

Of course this one is widely known, but just in case: Youtube  If you run out of terms to search for, try fights, brawl, pranks, jokes, magic, decent search terms to kill time. isnt to bad either.

Hopeless romantic? try this, but I personally think the fckin calculator is broken: Perfect Love Calculator 

Artistic? Draw a picture, hit DONE and it will convert it into a stereogram picture: Flash Stereo 

Educate yourself, Science videos : 

Take an IQ test, find out how smart, or well, how dumb you really are!: IQ Test

Create a false Identity: Im not joking 

Join the Meetro community, it’s like AIM, Googletalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger, but much better, and with location awareness: 

Build a paper airplane, and throw it at that annoying asshole who keeps making personal calls on work time, even though you are making paper airplanes during work time. Worlds best paper airplane 

Write someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, something meaningful, if your lazy, type an email, and it will actually look like your working.

Leave a question about anything in the comment box, and I can answer anything.

Now get back to work!

  1. vinnie says:

    deff play around in meetro 😉

    vinnie of meetro –

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