Windows Vista, Win Vista, timer bypass, hack, crack.

Posted: May 29, 2007 in General Area, How To

Yah the real deal, some clever hacker had posted this a while back through various channels, thought someone might like to check it out. Basically if you downloaded Windows Vista (BILL GATES)  EDIT :(does not have to be the BILL GATES ed, works for all versions) edition from TPB, or Torrentspy, there is numerous hacks/bypasses so you can keep and still update your Win Vista indefinitely, or at least for like 80 years. Its the real deal, if you want to know where to download the bad boy, just drop me a comment and I’ll steer you to the link. I do not keep, host, or maintain the file,  I just know where to get it.  🙂  I posted the link, but WordPress, or some other mysterious force, keeps preventing my readers from being able to redirect to the hyperlink.

However if I were you, I would stay with Win2k, or WinXP, Vista is slow, and is shit.  Switch to Ubuntu, or OSX!

  1. 2curious says:

    If you still have the Vista Crack, can I have the link please?

  2. Dave says:

    I would love to check out this timer crack

  3. wayne says:

    i would like a link pls or is it like most other cracks on net crap

  4. Nik Graves says:

    hey i would love to have this link.. May I?

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