Palm Foleo – Nothing Impressive

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Hardware Reviews

The Palm Foleo was announced today by Palm (of course). It’s not a laptop, but a “Smartphone companion”. To me it’s a small laptop, another gadjet to lug around, another travel tech case to carry. Besides making Palm INC stocks move up 2.6% (tad more after close), I can’t see a logical benefit in this product.

Palm Foleo
About 3 years ago I purchased the Palm Lifedrive, and was no longer fond of the stylus operation after about a month, so I end up purchasing the bluetooth folding keyboard, and ultimately I ended up leaving both at home since I’m not to fond of keeping track of my wallet, mont blanc pen, two razor cell phones then adding more shit like a palm pilot, and a folding keyboard…my point being, if I am already carrying around this shit for battery life, thick as a dictionary “Smartphone” did you really think I wanted to carry a thin laptop to accompany it?.Seems like the R&D team had no new ideas, and the consumer market was hoping for a new Blackberry or something magical.

Now out comes the Foleo, a 10″ screen essentially laptop, that allows you to type longer emails, browse the slow ass web on a larger screen. Even funnier, they brought back that retarded sandy nipple feeling mouse pointer, and left out a touchpad, or even a touch screen. Pros? Sure …as long as Palm sticks to the Linux OS, it should run smooth on the microprocessor and eventually someone will re-create a better GUI, and allow the Foleo to have more usability. Or hell, you could probably flash the OS out of it, slap on Knoppix, and wifi/bluetooth hack every smartphone around you! With a sticker price of $500.oo, without the carrying case, I’m sure only a complete Palm fanboy would whip out the plastic on this one. You can see the Palm Foleo in all its “un-glory” on it’s page HERE


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