Myspace …

Posted: June 13, 2007 in General Area

Yah yah I don’t want to hear it, I made a Myspace page, to talk to two people that just seem to only keep in contact through that shit. I had three friends, but deleted some fag name Tom that kept sending me bullshit emails about how great Myspace is. Tom’s gone now, back down to two friends. Being a Myspace anti-fan, I decided to make a decent looking page, with simplicity and modernism, and definitely not your stereotypical bullshit with autoplay music. See what a whole 5 minutes can do to a Myspace page HERE.

  1. Jim says:

    I can’t add you brother. The add link takes me to a generic myspace page.

  2. Exempt says:

    I’ve heard Jimbo, I must have mistyped the code for friend_ID_
    with the wrong numbers, I hope to have enough time to fix it tonight, Ill drop you a line via email when I fix it 🙂

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