Apple ‘Iphone’

Posted: June 22, 2007 in Opinions and Rants

Yah I know, how could I not mention the iphone, or anything about it. Ive been watching it very closely since I am a techie kind of guy. Am I impressed? Sure I am, but I am even more impressed by their stocks, and the dramatic increase they’ve had in the last 3 months. Charles Schwab predicts the shares to reach $155.oo by the end of this month, which is awesome for shareholders like me, who bought it around $78.50 per share! Basically it’s going to pay for itself, and then some.  The phone looks to be very promising, however, I doubt that everything is going to work as promised right off the bat. 3g was a promising feature on phones two years ago, and yet watching choppy television on a phone just never took off, go figure. Hopefully Apple delivers a quality product, which I have to hand it to them, they absolutely have done in the past, combine it with At&t (formerly Cingular) networks, and that does make for a winning combination. You will definitely see it here on the 29th. I’m buying two, one to use, and the other to hack, Ubuntu+iphone should be something unique 😉


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