Installing MAC OSX on PC

Posted: June 22, 2007 in Favorite Sites

Yah this is actually really old news, sooOO if you found my blog because of it, then I’ll be pretty damn surprised, kudos to you. It’s not hard, actually anyone with half a brain can do it, but that’s actually a conundrum since technically you only use half of your brain to start off with. Anyways, here is the list of known compatible PC equipment, however I have got it to work on equipment that is NOT on this list, just pay attention to whether or not your CPU is SSE2 or SSE3. Have no idea what I am talking about? well that’s ok too, just download CPUZ and run it….I’ll even link it for you, so you don’t have to google it. So here is the list, as well as other sites that will walk you through it. If you find that your having trouble, drop me a line, and I’ll help you out if I can. Oh yes I forgot to mention, that I don’t think it’s completely legal to do it, but then again, neither is downloading music….


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