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Posted: July 3, 2007 in General Area, Opinions and Rants

I’ve had quiet a few emails come in asking various questions, some were very legitimate and those will be answered, some of them well… are rather retarded. I wrote them all back with responses, here are a few of the questions and answers for your enjoyment:

“Can you hack, and if so can you teach me the basics?”

Answer: Yes I could if I wanted and here are the basics…learn to not get caught, then once you learn that, learn to not get caught, and if you think you learned it well the second time, that’s right….learn to not get caught. Hacking is a relative term, changing some embedded default setting in your windows operating system could be considered hacking, personally I wouldn’t consider it. Running a hash or brute force attack, or socially engineering yourself into a situation where you placed a keylogger onto a computer and accessing a server to perform malicious activities, THAT would be considered hacking to most real hackers. There are also “white hat hackers” – a person who is ethically opposed to the abuse of computer systems. Realization that the Internet now represents human voices from around the world has made the defense of its integrity an important pastime for many. A white hat generally focuses on securing IT systems, whereas a black hat (the opposite) would like to break into them — but this is a simplification as a black hat would wish to secure his own machine, and a white hat may have no issues breaking into it in the course of his or her activities. – wikipedia. My best definition of a white hat hacker, would be someone that works for a federal agency, who does more good than evil, however in order to do good, you must learn the evils. If you want to talk to some knowledgble IT security experts, and you think you could keep up with the lingo, try a Defcon convention, or join a local Wardriving crew, or hang out at the Jinx Forums, but the FBI and other federal agencies are sure to be watching.

“I watched porn on my father’s work laptop, and I don’t want him to find out, how do I “clean” my tracks?”

Answer: Pour some petrol on it and light it on fire, bury the remains, there you go, now your safe. Well if you really don’t want him to find out, don’t use his laptop, if he has a decent I.T. team at his workplace, then it is fairly easy to track where he..eerrr you have been. Not only that, you risk the chance of possibly downloading a low level trojan virus, and the next thing you know, he’s going to have porn pop ups like crazy. Go get a summer job and buy a cheap laptop, and browse porn on your neighbors wireless network all day long, if your really determined to watch it. “So that’s your answer?” Yah, that’s my fcking answer…for you…

“I think my wife is having conversations with another man online, is there a way to find out what she’s doing while I’m at work?”

Answer: Yup sure is. I figure the easiest way for you, would be to have like 6 kids with her, and she should become so occupied with taking care of all of them, that she won’t have the time to actually cheat on you. Ok, I won’t shaft you with a shitty answer on this one. A good solution for you would be to install a keylogger, it basically records all the keyboard strokes and saves them to a file, there are numerous ones out there, some are free, some contain viruses when installed, some are great and have the capability to email you the results every few minutes. Google is a great way to find one, just don’t type in the word “free keylogger” and not expect to nab a virus. is a ok place to start, but don’t ask me to teach you how to use torrents, at least not after you already asked me a question and I answered it. Good luck mate.

“I “may or may not” perform illegal activities on my work computer, I recently formatted the hard drive to erase all tracks of whatever I did or did not do, is there any way that let’s say a Federal agent, or CIA agent would be able to retrieve that information from my computer?”

Answer: First off, stop being a weenie, obviously your question and retarded method of “borderline admitting” the truth shows your guilty, and personally I don’t care what you “do or do not do” on your computer, ask the question upfront and I’ll give you an straight answer. Your answer is yes, your information even once deleted is STILL on your computer, all that happens when you delete something is that the space where your data used to be, is just being “saved” to be written over later on (by sequences of 0’s). Now take it with a grain of salt, performing a full level format will erase your tracks for local authorities, it will not prevent or stop a Fed or CIA agent from being able to retrieve that data. First thing you want to do is make sure your properly protecting your dat, for your level of concern, and guessing that your using a Windows or Linux based operating system, you could use Truecrypt which provides a good level of security, and it’s open source, which means it’s free. Lock all your sensitive data, twice, and on top of that, bury the file and make it a hidden folder with another application, like Lock Folder XP (for Windows), now you have three passwords, all in a hidden location. To permanently erase data and yet retain the hard drive you could always use Active Kill Disk, which is Department of Defense compliant. Or for free, you could just perform 7 full pass formats, and technically experts say that this will permanently erase that data…however I say fuck the experts, it has never been proven that either the CIA or FBI can actually recover deleted data that has been written over, so unless your performing the type of stuff that you’ll just end up dead for, I wouldn’t worry to much. Lay off the caffeine and relax.

“Your a real nerdy ass guy, do you even ever get laid without having to pay for it?”

Answer: Yes, actually I have a great sex life, inside sources say I’m the best in bed, I’m kind of a big deal.  I’ve never paid for sex, except that one time in the UK in the red light district, but that’s a whole other story. What you want numbers? …fuggetaboutit.

“If downloading music is illegal and people are getting caught left and right, why do so many people do it still as if it’s no big deal?” 

Answer: Yes music downloading from places like Limewire,   kazaa,  and Bearshare, (just to direct you  err name a few) is illegal. People are not getting caught left and right, while there have been several hundred cases started, only a handful have closed (that was made public). I had even received a case against me for downloading illegal content from my ISP (internet service provider : Charter/ Time Warner / Verizon etc) . My case is closed and finished, I walked off with small fees, under a grand.  I have to admit, for my case I was accused of uploading and downloading mass quantities of un-licensed content, music, video, and software, about 2 terabytes, (2000 gb) . I highly doubt that they are keeping track of small uploads and downloads, it would be much to time consuming and resource consuming. I hate to recommend this but the best way to continue to download music safely is to not “share” your content, which essentially defeats the whole P2P element (peer to peer). You could take other measures, download Protowall, and Blacklist Manager, and update your Blacklist to include all known I.P. addresses of known RIAA and MPAA authorities as well as their hired hands, but it does require some advanced changes to work effectively. Or if you want, you could always use a open wireless network at Starbucks or Panera, or something similiar, and download from there safely…no baseball cap & sunglasses required. My honest opinion is that it is safe from your sofa.

“Do you do freelance work?” 

Answer: If your going to ask something like this, please be a little more specific, Yes I would do work outside of my day job, depends on what it is, what’s the pay, or  (for free) what is the cause. Email me or drop a comment with contact info

  1. Jim says:

    nice layout bro

  2. David says:

    thanks Jim, I wanted to try something different, dark is the “in” style lately

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