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Posted: July 9, 2007 in (App) Software review, Favorite Sites, General Area, Google, Hack, Opinions and Rants

Here are topics I was supposed to, but didn’t have the time to, blog about, here is the list, basically, it’s a list of links to some cool shit. My bad, I’ve been busy, and didn’t have the time to research and write about em… This is just a partial list, you can see the full list on my other blog here: My Blogspot Blog is a little more on the dark side of the internet, meaning, I post more in depth methods to alternative ummm methods. However any pertinent information that I want to syndicate, usually makes it to both sites.

Real Time Satellite Tracking | Just what it says, you can track satellites in real time, if your tech saavy you can even get real time video streams from the satellite, don’t ask me how, but it is all legal, all free.

Comparison of BitTorrent Software | Courtesy of Wikipedia, it’s a fairly thorough review on a lot of torrent software for multiple OS’s.

Cracking WEP’s and WPA wireless networks | I didn’t have the time to combine this walkthrough with mine, but if your techy enough to understand the title here, well, just cross your fingers that you’ll understand how to use the tools listed in this guide… Then again if your that techy, you should know how to crack/hack…ethically that is… 😉

Instructables ! | One of my favorite sites out on the web. The site is filled with millions of people’s unique ideas and “how-to’s” . Want to make a artistic creation out of coffee cans? (yah neither do I) but…if you do, you can find it here. There are some really good ideas and how-to’s here so check it out if you are a creative person…if your not…well… go chew on a rock or something

Introduction to Linux | do I have to explain this?

Live Radio Anywhere | Via the internet, pretty handy if you don’t have a radio around and want to listen to the game, or whatever you listen to.

Linux User video Tests | This website has a bunch of videos testing male and female users, their knowledge of linux, yah it’s nerdy, but if your smart enough to use linux, and actually understand it, it’s funny to watch

Offshore Bank accounts: How To | Self explanitory

360 -degree Europe | full pan (horizontal, vertical) views of some amazing locations in stunning detail, have to see it to understand.

OS Vids | multiple videos of OS’s in action, and funny thing I just noticed, some of my videos are on there lol

Linux Distros | a TON, I mean a freekin TON of distros located convieniently on one website

Wall Paint that changes color | Eclipse’s paint that changes color when you touch it, made for the walls in your house that is, cool stuff

Blip.Tv-Hopefully you already know what this site is, if not, it’s like another Youtube, except you can get paid for video submissions by user views, tecnhically, if Youtube did this, I would have made 10k+ from my SuSe 10.1 video, Ive had over 180,ooo views!

Hack the Mac Login Window– Simple, easy method to hack the Apple Login window, from Apple Matters

Build Your own Server, from spare parts: Bit Tech has hundreds, if not thousands of great “how to’s”, and this is one of them. As a big fan of Linux distros, this ‘how to’ stands out by guiding a noob into setting up a server with linux

Backing up in Linux: Just as it says, how to perform a backup in Linux, another beginner tutorial

QuickKill: One click and it will kill all background and selected foreground running applications, useful for speedy escapes and cleaning up prior to using an memory intensive application, like games or photoshop etc, also it’s a good blog to frequent

Improved XGL and theme changer: From angelic penguins, remember my SuSe 10.1 XGL/Compiz tutorial? well this could be used as an addition to mine, for a better theme changer, and more extensive XGL options. Totally sophisticated nerd talk. 🙂

Canvas: Ultimate WordPress(dot)org non coding, blog customizer. This is THE tool to use for your wordpress blog.

Packet School: By Chris Sanders, for those emails I get all the damn time asking me how to hack WEP’s, start reading here, there is very useful information, and walkthroughs. “First familiarize yourself with your opponent, and never under estimate, then you can defeat him” -Some wise guy

Elisa: Open Source (free) software, that is a multimedia HTPC OS, runs on Linux, and Windows, with future Mac OSX compatibility. Ive downloaded but have yet found the time to review it…maybe someday…

Fold and Drop: Very cool Windows mmm window/s folder app, ok, that doesn’t make sense, let me try again, its an open source, application, that allows you to fold your windows, and bend them, so that you can sort through a series of open windows, like paper, allowing you to flip through them. Just check out the website. And who says nothing good comes out of Canada?

FolderSize: See your windows folder content size within your explorer window. Sourceforge goodness

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