Iphone Bricked!

Posted: October 3, 2007 in General Area, Google, Opinions and Rants

Apple’s new iphone update 1.1.1 , has been known to “brick” the iphone, basically rendering the phone useless, and inaccessible. This happened to my demo iphone (the iphone that I really don’t use) immediately upon reboot after the update. I had reset my demo phone back to its normal state before the update, as I heard this would prevent it, but unfortunately this didn’t do much. I have started working on a workaround which I figure I can re-unlock it, but most likely with my schedule someone else will do it faster and well, if so, you’ll find a link here.

Boo to Apple on this shit, the phone fuggin sucked until all the 3rd party apps were released. Some things that still need to be added is video recording ability, and text messaging with pics ability, and replace the shoddy speaker, its just crap.

  1. Jim says:

    but Steve Jobs said it was cool, how can it suck?

    I had doubts about the thing since I heard about it, but most people I know who have it are casual users so they don’t mind all the things it lacks. I want a smartphone but I don’t have the cash, even for a used one haha.

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