Iphone Third party Apps

Posted: November 1, 2007 in (App) Software review, General Area, Opinions and Rants

There are a few iphone third party apps that really come in handy, the latest personal favorites are:

Stumbler: which allows you to scan for wireless networks, however it lacks the capability to connect through the app, but you can do so through the built in wifi app on the iphone.

SendSong: Allows you to convert any MP3 file into a ringtone. Problem with this app is that it does not allow you to “clip” the song, therefore, your ringtone starts at the beginning of each song instead of allowing you to select just the chorus or verse.

Navizon: WAS one of the best apps out there, it allows you to GPS yourself, and it works very well, however the fags over at Navizon decided to start charging for the service, soooOO I uninstalled the once great app.

TTR (Tap Tap Revolution) : You know that game where the little asian kids learn how to dance by jumping on the mat to the tune of some weird techno song? Well its that game… but you use your fingers, and since you can do it and nobody knows what your tapping on your iphone, well its pretty cool and its completely free.

Pushr: Allows your to upload photos from your pictures on your iphone directly to Flickr

Customize: Great program allowing you to change almost anything on your iphone

SMBprefs: In conjunction with Customize, it is the “theme/skin” program for the iphone

iwoman: Laugh all you want…this program keeps track of your girlfriends period, you have no clue how handy this little app can be, now you know what days to plan the next fishing trip or golf game !

Vnotes: This app allows you to record voice notes, which for some unknown reason , Apple decided not to include this on the iphone, pretty stupid if you ask me…


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