Great Customer Support from a company with a FREE product!

Posted: December 12, 2007 in (App) Software review, Favorite Sites, General Area, Google, Opinions and Rants
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I had mentioned before about the kudos that goes out to CrossLoop, a *Completely free* remote desktop assisting solution. It is not shareware, and is not crippled by not donating, it’s completely free. I use the application quiet frequently when I am helping out a friend, or when I need to help a client out, and majority of the time I don’t leave feedback, but last night I did leave a small feedback, and within an hour, I received this:

Hey – First of all: thank you very much for your support! We are happy to
see that you will continue using us – hopefully again and again and again!
You don’t see it but every positive response or a new story/blog post about
us means a lot to a small team working hard at bringing smiles to our users

Second of all, we would love to have you use it again and again – so let’s
try to solve your issue of “slow CrossLoop” 🙂 First thing right off which I
would suggest, try it again. If it is still slow, try these remedies:

1.) Speed is very dependent on a lot of things, the very first of which is
your internet connection speed. We recommend at least broadband internet
connection. So – I think this is the first issue which might be slowing you
down. It also depends on the quality of the connection as well as the speed.
Obviously the faster and more reliable the better. Make sure your connection
is fast and reliable.

2.) If your internet connection is fine, my guess is: It’s slow probably
because Crossloop is using higher resolution. Try adjusting the quality to
low and give it a try. To do this – just click on the gear icon and choose
“Change image quality” from the menu. Change it to low. (Version 1.14
automatically adjusts the color quality to low with slow connections so that
helps some – but sometimes it is best to adjust manually).

3.) Something to take into account: Most of the times, a p2p session is
established which is much faster than the backup. If the p2p connection is
not established, we use our servers as a backup which slows things down.

If you continue to be disappointed, do email me. I will have tech support
look into your environment and maybe help you speed it up a little.

Lastly and Finally: I recommend that you also subscribe to our blog
( for new releases and updates. You can use
an RSS Feed Reader or through your email on the top right under the picture.

For example – we just added a small video demonstration of CrossLoop 2.0
free accounts – our new release! If you are not sure how to use all the
tools on the site you can simply take a look at the video, see how it all
   – scroll down to “What’s new?” section.

Of course if you are curious about any features of the new CrossLoop 2.0 –
the blog has all the information you need.

Or if you are helping someone, and would like to show them how to install or
use CrossLoop without talking them through on the phone or IM, just refer
them to this link on our blog, and they’ll see how to install CrossLoop
(this is the older v1.2 site but the actions are exactly the same):

All future versions, new features, news, clarifications, etc. will be
announced through our blog. This is a great resource for any level
crosslooper! Haha! 🙂

Please keep the feedbacks coming – we love to listen and learn – especially
the ones that help us improve.

I am a “real” person and we all would like to know one at the company we
work with – If you have any questions in the future, please feel free to
email me anytime.

Happy Holidays to you from our team and myself!


User Advocate
CrossLoop, Inc. |
Stay tuned @ our blog

——————–Original Message——————-
Would you use Cross Loop again?

>Yes I would but man, even when two 5mb down 1.5mb up connections are
connected it kinda runs lagggggy, but hell its free, I cant complain!

And the response was by a “real” person lol, cheers again to CrossLoop, for maintaining such a solid support system when the product is completely free!

  1. Dmitry says:

    David- Thank you so much for you kind words about us! As it says in our blog and our videos – we love to “hug” our users! hahah! Hopefully this reply helped out! Enjoy crosslooping! If you have any questions, or comments, or just feel like sending an email, what the heck – send it away – I’ll be here!

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