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It can be done, and although the Apple bluetooth headset is a total piece of shit useless hardware,  at least you can use it for something. To have your macbook, or powerbook recognize the device, follow these instructions, and enjoy your long conversations via the bluetooth piece rather than a wired headset, and roam around your house doing whatever it is that you do while chatting.


**UPDATE**  – Using (enabling) bluetooth on powerbooks and macbooks using Leopard v10.5.4 is known to *occasionally* lock up your computer (tapping CPU usage to 99%), however you can enter “Safe Boot” upon startup of your laptop and disable the bluetooth service if you happen to encounter problems. I did run into this problem however disabling, rebooting and re-enabling seemed to correct the problem

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus ?

Posted: July 28, 2008 in General Area

Many users of Firefox don’t really utilize it’s full capabilities, in actuality, Firefox has unlimited capabilities as a browser, with the options of plug-ins and extensions. One very popular  extension is Adblock, which allows you to block certain ads or elements that pollute webpages. If you use myspace, or youtube, or pretty much any popular website, heck even thepiratebay, then you see ads and those annoying flashing “Shoot one duck and win a free iphone” type adverts (myspace has the annoying videos of a smiling and laughing girls typing on a laptop staring into a fake webcam for . You can actually permanently block these from popping up, which greatly increase page load times. I am not going into detail on this is done but it’s extremely simple, and you essentially can block all unwanted ads using * wildcards with identifiers such as *porn, *adult, *, *banners(blah blah) . However, sometimes you can block wanted elements on a page, like pictures or flash boxes, this is when I discovered that there is actually two versions of adblock, and two different creators, in my opinion the better of the two is the original adblock. The original adblock, is created by Michael McDonald (The adblock crew), and the latter Adblock Plus, by Wladimir Palant.

I naturally assumed that Adblock Plus was a major update/overhaul of the original adblock, until I dugg a little deeper after I couldn’t locate the “whitelist this page” option in adblock plus. I originally thought that it was OS related, typically I use my mac to browse the web, and generally only use the PC to game or download media into my HTPC. Well I was wrong with my assumption, there are two different add-ons of adblock.

Googling Adblock vs Adblock Plus returns a short but not very informative explanation of the differences, most of them siding with adblock plus. As any rational geek, I would prefer in this situation to go with the option that provides the simplest method of blocking my ads and banners and what not, BUT also the ability to quickly temporarily revert my changes if I wanted to view the webpage as intended to be seen. Adblock allows you to do this by simply right-clicking and selecting “whitelist this page:, just this once, just this session, or permanently”, as of this article adblock plus does not provide it as a right click option, (it does allow you to whitelist a page but I haven’t seen it as a simple click option”.  Search results returned that whitelisting by a simple click may be coming in a soon update, so for now, I’ll stick with the original adblock.

Cool apps

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Favorite Sites, Google, Opinions and Rants

Hey I keep it simple around here, especially lately with my tight schedule and all. I don’t have a couple thousands seconds to spare, but I did want to mention these two awesome apps for geolocating your friends, its like a “alive twitter”, with geographic locationing, well, youll see what I mean just check out these links

Cool apps to have if you own an iphone, even better with 3G.