Basically I’m saying their gay, as in retarded, as in get with the real world. Winamp doesn’t “approve” of people recording internet radiostations, [read here] which a ton of winamp users listen to, and I’m taking it that if your reading a techie blog like this, then you probably use Limewire or utorrent, or emule, or whatever to illegally “borrow” your music. I can confidently say that probably 90% of music on all the world’s ipods are illegally downloaded in one form or another. So I’ve decided to tell you how to illegally record streaming music…of course I can’t approve of these actions 😉

Ok first thing I did was google “recording streaming music with winamp”. This returned the most retarded results, all these shitware programs that want you to pay like $15 before you can even see if the stupid thing actually does what you want it to do. So off to [insert your favorite torrent site here] and I downloaded about 5 different apps that claim they all record streaming audio. None of them worked properly…period. So the best option is to go HERE and download the LAME MP3 plugin. No I didn’t call it “lame” , it really is called that, it stands for Lame Aint an Mp3 Encoder. Install it (you should already have downloaded and installed winamp in the first place duuhh) . Open up winamp and goto PREFERENCES-PLUGINS-OUTPUT and highlight/select Lame MP3 Writer Plugin, and while your there, click on CONFIGURE, and select a location on your hard disk, where you want the audio file to be saved at. Now open up or whatever internet radio station you listen to and obviously it will open in Winamp…HOWEVER, you’ll notice that you don’t hear anything…but you will see it playing via the equalizer…it is recording. So now the next question from the kids that ride the short bus is, “well Exempt, how do I hear what the f*ck I am recording..?” . Elementary my dear minions, just goto the directory that you selected for your file to be saved in, and you will see a file that has almost no rational size (like 600kb), its an audio file, however, open it with another audio player like Windows Media player, and your music will start playing, BUT notice that once the audio file gets to the end where typically the song would stop or start over, it keeps playing, thats because your listening to you internet radio broadcast LIVE as it is being streamed AND recorded.

So there you have it. Feel free to drop questions.



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