PS3 as a Media Center

Posted: January 19, 2009 in General Area
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I recently decided to use my PS3 which had been collecting dust since I got it back in Christmas. If your not aware the PS3 can be a decent media server and if your model comes with built in wireless, well it provides an easy way to sling your media box to remote locations in your home, as well as the PS3 is a Blu-ray player. Combine this with a 1080p/i LCD and your lovin it. Under Vista and XP it is quite easy to set up , I dont feel like providing walkthroughs ( I will provide support for anyone who needs it though), you can read on HOW TO’s HERE.  Even if you didnt buuy a more expensive model, the standard cheap PS3 comes with a 10/100 LAN connection as well as optical audio, and HDMI. For those old school idiots, trust me….HDMI makes a world of a difference. Whatever you do, do not go running down to your local Best Buy (which seems to be the only place open after Cicuit city, CompUSA, and Fry’s closes down), because Best Buy has the most insane mark ups. I bought a 12 ft HDMI cable with gold plated connections and shielded cabling, for $11 bucks, from a local electronics store, brand new. The same cable at Best buy was selling for $98….amazing.

A lot of retards on the net say that PS3 can only access FAT32 formatted HDD, but that is a misconception, all my HDD are NTFS, and the  PS3 reads the just fine. Ive slammed 5tb into my media server and now sling it across the house to my other PS3 upstairs, and am have it working with my Wii as well, which was a little more difficult and since it uses a webservice type setup, it does downscale your videos for faster throughput, you can read how to do that HERE.

Amazingly the PS3 can handle quite a bit of tasks as a media center, it can have playlists, play your favorite music, yaddi yadda yadda, all the stuff a simple media server can do. If your downloading BLU-ray videos like me,  like a lot of people out there, youll notice that some jackoff decided to start encoding everything in .mkv file format, which sucks and is slow (resource intensive) in my opinion,  AND does not play on the PS3, let me repeat….no matter what updated PS3 you have , it WILL NOT PLAY MKV…unless the 120 or so mkv videos I had were just special and unique (TPB DL’s). So grab this handy and fast converter MKV2VOB, set it up, convert it to avi, it retains the quality and viola, it now plays on your PS3.

If your still using Wireless G/B/A routers, and you plan on using the wireless in the PS3, you’ll definately want to upgrade to wireless N, it is worth it and especially if you plan on watching and streaming BLU-ray videos, wireless G will barely cut it. If your using a wired solution, it would help to be using a 10/1000 connection, and hopefully your smart enough to know that 10/1000 only works with Cat5e , Cat6 or Cat6a twisted strand,  NOT Cat5… but I don’t feel like explaining the difference just take my word…or don’t and be like a local tech nob head at Best buy.

Setting up your PS3 to read HDD on your computer is a relatively simple task, it doesn’t take some computer guru to set it up, and if your having trouble drop me a line and I can hop on to your PC remotely using CrossLoop, it’s safe, fast, and free…kinda like drunk cheerleaders, but more intelligent.

Have fun kids!


  1. Colon xR says:

    Holy shit that’s a great idea. Ive been trying to figure out what to do with my ps3 since ive mainly been using my 360. Might give this a go. thanks.

  2. gwip says:

    I know this article is a little old so you may already now this by now but it’s possible to stream MKV files using the PS3 Media Server and it works just fine.

  3. gn says:


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  4. Paul says:

    Hey, so you say the PS3 reads NTFS-formatted HDDs? Did you have to do anything to get the PS3 to do this? Mine didn’t read my NTFS HDD, but it showed up as soon as I formatted FAT32.

    • Marius says:

      It may be either your computers firewall or your router is messing up things,
      mine reads NTFS like theres no tomorrow.

      You did setup the sharing correctly with your media player / media center?

      • Jim says:

        Sounds like someone is talking about directly connected external HDD and others about steaming from a HDD in a remote windows pc

  5. ellie says:

    hey, my son has a ps3, he sort of uses. we are thinking of dropping cable only because we are broke. anyway we are broke with a ps3 and not technical. we have a bunch of laptops 2 with vista 2 with xp and my husband and i are tv duck people. ya know, tv duck? we watch dexter every monday night on my laptop. we have a big rear projection tv called mitsubishi hd1080.. i think that means could be hd if it really wanted to be, but that is prob a whole nother issue. well there are a lot of questions here, but mainly wondering if you can give me some advice on how i can use tvduck my computer and ps3 to work together and have option of watching wirelessly on my computer or on my fake hd tv. i really don’t even know how to get the tv duck recorded. i have windows media center but thought it wouldn’t let me record anything from tv duck due to copyright. thanks for not insulting me.

    • David says:

      First off, welcome and thank you for commenting! I am not familiar with but after you mentioned it I went to their website to see how it operates. I clicked on a few shows and attempted to stream them but they asked me to sign up for “reel something or”, another link asked me to download realplayer, and another asked me to download and install “graboid”. It very well may be possible to “capture” the stream, or alternatively you could just download the episode from a torrent website, which is still free. In your situation that would be the easier of the two options, once you downloaded the episode of your choice, you could either A: transfer them to your PS3 hardrive (but you would run out of space pretty quickly), and stream from the PS3, or B: (the more likely option) tell your PS3 to stream them from a “shared” folder on one of your laptops.

      Now there are many alternative options, I mean technically you wouldn’t need to stream them to the PS3 then stream them to the other computers, it’s kind of redundant. Simply download them to a laptop and share them to all the other laptops, and plug in your TV to one of the laptops as a psuedo media center.

      If you need information on how to download tv shows, just let me know. 🙂

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