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Ok the last version I tweaked works perfectly with fresh installs of Win Vista (any version), however for users that are weeks or possibly months into using Vista and seem to have a issue, there is a similar Vista hack. Basically a windows update , Specifically  KB940510 prevents you from applying the patch, Im not sure if uninstalling it then applying the patch works, but again email me, leave me a message (your email addy is kept private)  and I will email you the crack…for testing purposes only of course. The new updated crack works regardless of what stage your Vista is in, stops the 30 day countdown, registers Windows Vista (all versions) and will pass validation on Microsoft’s website, you even get to pick your System information Logo.

(Below is old post)

Here’s my latest rabbit in the hat, a Vista (All versions, Business, home, ultimate etc) timer and BIOS hack, once installed it’s permanently activated, well until 2050, and if your still using it then, well you have issues. It will fully work with windows update via OS, web, and even the annoying ActiveX control app through M$. I tweaked some issues I had with the original release so I can’t take all credit for it, some other bloke did some work as well. Anyways, as always if you want the app, just leave a comment with a contact email and I will send you a link to download it, if your worried about trackbacks you paranoid nuts, just create a email via Yopmail, or MakeMe the King email services and remain forever anonymous 😉 …

EDIT: Hell, here’s the download link, Just remember Im “referring” the link:  CLICKY ME HERE

UPDATE: Ok I’ve played around a lot more with this, the BEST option for this to work flawlessly , is to have a fresh install of Windows Vista SP1, since there is a patch in one of the updates that PREVENTS you from applying this successfully, HOWEVER, if it is already installed and you update all Windows Vista updates, it will give you a  message that something has interefered with Windows Vista legitimacy, but it still works perfectly after the one time only warning, even verifying on Windows update website.

For the people that have already updated and this isnt working, give me some time to find you a timer bypass, or timer stop, something along those lines. However I’m not confident that it will register as legitimate, but well see…


*** UPDATE*** Disregard most of the information above, from Windows Vista (all versions) and Windows 7 (All versions) And of course Windows XP (All versions) I have posted here in my blog the link to the cracks and timer bypasses for all, Located HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE