Slumdog Millionaire wins movie of the year….Really!?

Posted: February 23, 2009 in General Area
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I’m not saying that its not a good movie, I’ve had the screener for about 5 months, I’ve seen it multiple times. It has it’s place in a credited movie collection. Maybe the Oscar’s Judges didn’t watch the entire movie, finishing at the end with a retarded stereotypical choreographed “music video” style dance with all it’s outsourced call center telemarketer looking actors who seem to speak much better english, then… well ummm outsourced call center telemarketers. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you’ve probably heard of it. The movie was under budgeted, and almost didn’t make it to the movie theaters, possibly going straight to DvD, but here it is, winning 8 oscars.

“Slumdog” also earned Oscars for best cinematography, sound mixing, film editing, original score for composer A.R. Rahman and best song, “Jai Ho” for Rahman and lyricist Gulzar. Only seven other films in the 81-year-history of the Oscars have won eight or more awards. -Reuters

In case you forgot, last year, during the 80th Annual Academy Awards No Country for Old Men, and There will be blood, had seriously in my opinion, some of the most awesome and prominent acting delivered by its lead and supporting actors. My complaint, my gripe here folks is simple, Slumdog Millionaire did not come anywhere close with competent acting. The plot is decent, the ending is ok (though typical, with his brother going out in a barrage of gunfire) but I’m sorry, this is not a movie worthy of sitting on the same shelf as “Saving Private Ryan” , “Forrest Gump”, “There will be Blood”, and “No Country for Old Men”.

What I think happened here, is that Slumdog Millionaire got a pity fuck…there I said it. It’s America’s retarded way of giving the underdog a pat on the back. It’s Hollywoods way of saying, “maybe next time you won’t shoot a decent movie down without a good look over”….but sorry, this movie was just, “Ok”.

So if you want to watch this “ok” movie, I’ll point you where to download it for free, that’s my way of balancing the scales of justice… just leave a comment post with email info.

  1. Mike says:

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  2. Fourthletter says:

    You seem to be mistaking your “taste” for definitive movie judgements.
    I thought SDM was an amazing film if only for the beautiful cinematography and really amazing real life footage around India.
    The ending was a “bollywood” joke which helped lighten stuff up what do you think should have won ? Personally though SDM got all it deserved a real life changing movie.

  3. David says:

    It’s not that I hate the movie, I don’t hate it. It’s not a horrible film, but it definitely isn’t an oscar worthy film in my opinion. So it’s shot on location, big deal, there are plenty of movies that are about New York and shot in New York… that doesn’t make it more worthy, it makes it more realistic. Black Hawk Down was shot in Africa, it was a great film, it didn’t win 8 oscars, it won two, “Best Sound” and “Best Editing”. About the ending, the film was a pretty serious movie about struggling with poverty and life in India’s slums, then it ends with a cheesy “bollywood” joke as you describe it. That’s like ending “Atonement” with a musical skit at a grand ball, it just isn’t funny, and its completely out of place.

    All the films I thought that should have won, did win, in other areas though.
    I’m not knocking ya bud, not at all, I just disagree.

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