BLURAY missing Digital Copy Codes…

Posted: September 14, 2009 in General Area
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I’ve been buying (hey hey, still “borrowing” copies too) a lot of BLURAY discs lately, and like any other typical guy, I threw out all the spam advertisement paper that falls out of the Bluray disc case. Until today, this didn’t present any type of problem, then I found out that the only way to activate my “Digital Copy” and transfer it to itunes, is to type in a code that was on that piece of paper. Wow…seriously, just wow. Some retard in the printing and press department , and digital rights management should be fired. First off, nobody opening a bluray most likely reads that the piece of paper that falls out is important, second, in *fine* print, you can only access the digital copy for a period of time, usually a year. If I buy it…*I* bought it, and it’s mine.

Enough griping, I need digital codes for the following movies, I need to “borrow” it. I’ve already done a google search to no avail. Thanks for helping out:

Notorious B.I.G
Tears of the Sun
There will be Blood



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