A few years back I made the complete transition to Macs for my daily work and computing tasks. During this transition I assumed I had to switch to a new bittorrent  client since I was using bitcomet at the time. Naturally I just googled bittorent for Mac, and naturally what popped up as the best solution was Transmission. I used Transmission for my bittorent needs for about 3 weeks before I started to notice a huge problem, torrents were taking about 1 week on average to download, large files around 50gb would take about 3 months, predicting from how much had already downloaded. Settings were the same, ports were open, internet was working just fine, seeds were through the roof. I never took the time to try to look at all the infinite amount of issues that could be wrong, I  manually added trackers, which as everyone should know, you can only add one or two more trackers in Transmission, which is pathetic (I usually add…oh about 130), which allows my 50mb down 20mb up package to really blaze.

So I decided to start using utorrent for the first time. This turned out to be a great choice, it’s small (size is tiny like 603kb) , and its lightweight, meaning it doesn’t clog up my memory like Azureus did or Bitcomet, it runs just fine in the background and its super simple to use it has no adds or annoying popups. I swapped over my existing torrents, one being about 30gb in size, from Transmission to utorrent, and that 30gb torrent that was only 3% complete after 3 WEEKS with Transmission, it was completely downloaded about 4 hours later with utorrent, no additional trackers added!

So if your looking for a lightweight yet robust bittorent app for you MAC (or PC too), I definitely recommend utorrent.

  1. Charles says:


    If you look at Transmission 1.80, you’ll see that it fixes the multitracker problems you’re describing.

    If you’re curious, the issue was this — uTorrent announces to one tracker per tier per torrent, but older versions would only announce to one tracker per torrent *period*, which meant that it would find far fewer peers. libtorrent-rasterbar had the same behavior too. Both libtransmission and libtorrent-rasterbar have adopted uTorrent’s approach to multitracker announces. 🙂

    • David says:

      That definitely makes sense, but Recently , meaning within the last two weeks I attempted to use tranmission again on my MacBook pro, and again it was the same, very slow downloads and the second I switch to utorrent, the downloads speed up tremendously

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