If you don’t know what Thunderbird is, your probably not a techie…bu that’s ok. It took about 2 years before everyone caught on to Firefox, I remember people complaining about how Firefox wouldn’t display certain (outdated) websites properly years ago, and it’s the same people that praise it now. Thunderbird is another Mozilla Foundation open source (free) app, it is an email client, much like, but much better, than Outlook.

There is a slew of features that make it such a great app:

* Just like  Firefox, your email client, has tabbed browsing, open up 10 emails at once and just browse through your tabs

*Advanced Search features, the GREATEST, is when I’m searching for content within an email, and have about 40k emails to look through, Thunderbird 3.0 does an excellent jobs of finding the correct results in lighting speed.

*Add-ons! Yup just like Firefox, you can install add-ons like Lightning, the calendar add-on for Thunderbird, you can even skin Thunderbird to look exactly like Outlook…if you like outlook.

*Mass preview – Highlight all your emails, and instantly, it will preview the first few sentences of each email, almost like a RSS feed!

*Specify Outgoing SMTP servers, this is BIG. I have 18 email addresses, and in outlook and the old Thunderbird, you could only actively use ONE smtp outgoing server for all your outgoing email, this would cause collisions with some IMAP email addresses, like Gmail…say goodbye to that, just select the email account, and change the outgoing server, per email addy!

* Easier to setup! Though I favor manual setting up, the new Thunderbird has a nice GUI and easy to use setup interface.

*Signature image, It’s been ages since I’ve used Entourage or Outlook, but I remember you would not be able to select and image (jpeg, png, gif) as your signature, Thunderbird is capable of it, actually, it has been from the start.

*Send actually means SEND. Do I need to explain this one?

*It just works. Thunderbird works, and its fast, and ultra lightweight (doesn’t take up a huge amount of hdd space, or system resources)

*Mac, PC, Linux…whatever you use

Try it out, it’s worth it and it’s FREE

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