AT&T refuses to waive fees to help Haiti…. GOOD

Posted: January 15, 2010 in General Area
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More power to you AT&T, at least they have some balls to not conform and jump on the bandwagon and lower rates so that everyone can hop on the mass social movement to text “omg123helphaiti” to send $5 to some non-profit that will turn around and donate 3 cents of that $5 to some refugee camp in Haiti. Ouch….to soon? to harsh? to extreme? Stop your rocket dogs right there sweetheart, do they need assistance? Absolutely. Is it a horrible event? Sure it is.  Should we send them money and panic and run to assist? Nope.

If your reading this and getting angry, well I won’t apologize, your not the brightest bulb in the tanning booth. Little known to my fellow Americans is the amount of money that actually makes it to anyone reliable and responsible when you donate that money. Did you know a whopping 30 million made it to the asia tsunami victims in 2005, sounds like a lot huh? Not when over 900 million had been donated, to “reliable associations” like Red Cross. The reason you didn’t hear about this, well it was all over the BBC, just never seemed to make it to CNN and MSNBC. Thing is folks, is it takes money, a lot of money, to run a non-profit, and to fly all those goods over there, and to pass out medications and set up clinics. Now don’t go comparing this to WWII and the holocaust, it’s not that serious. It’s an earthquake. And one day here in California, there will be a grand earthquake, and nobody will come rushing to help, nobody will donate us money, California will just get stuck and stay in a huge debt and slowly rebuild…it makes us stronger, just like our current mortgage and housing crisis.

So AT&T did not lower there rates on texting to help out, and I agree with their decision…. let them help themselves, after all when’s the last time Haiti did anything for us besides provide us with children to adopt for tweeked out women from Idaho. The FBI by the way has already issued scam and fraud warnings for Haiti donation scams.

And before I could even finish this post, AT&T has already changed their plan to allow a hassle free donation to Haiti victims… So Elton John of them…

Am I the only one here that really doesn’t give a shit about Haiti? How about Darfur, or the mass genocides in Bosnia? I spent over 4 years in the special forces and witnessed horrible atrocities in countries all over the world…and guess what, Red Cross never showed up, CNN wasn’t there, Brangelina didn’t donate money. Wake up people. Wake the f*** up.

  1. CMason says:

    Yes, I agree! After living in Dubai and covering the M.E. and N.Africa for over five years, Haiti should take care of it’s own problems!!! It’s f’en sad how many of these “non” profits takes advantage of the situation. Have you seen the pay check that the CEO/Directors of these non-profits make?! Let the Haitians deal with their own problems, just like we have to deal with ours! I didn’t see them send money over for the hurricane Katrina victims, did you?

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