Apple Tablet “Islate” (?) who is it targeted for?

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Google, Opinions and Rants
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Well there is no point in pretending that we don’t know about Apple’s (to be publicly announced on Wednesday) stab at the tablet market will be their “rumored islate” possibly just its pseudo name. My question though is who exactly is it targeted for?

I’m a pretty hardcore Apple fan, I’m not a Apple fanboy, and there is a major difference. I like Apple products, there built very well, they are reliable, and the customer support is beyond awesome. If Apple made cars, homes, and kitchen appliances, I think the world would be nearing utopia. However, unlike a fanboy, if another product that came out in the same catagory, I would use/abuse/buy it without any sour feelings. In my 30’s , I just want shit to work.

So this tablet is coming out and as a Apple user, I can’t figure out who its for. When I’m at the home or office, I have a nice 27″ Imac, with MobileMe to synchronize my files with my Home, Work, Macbook pro, and Iphone. While stationary at home or office I use the imac, when I am at a client’s or on travel, I use my Macbook Pro, and in between, I am on my iphone..which is almost an understatement. With my iphone, I usually am on a call (using speakerphone or bluetooth earpiece), while at the same time I am texting, then I swap over and send an email, and swap back and check something on the web… That’s pretty productive multitasking if you ask me. I’ve had a blackberry and a palm treo and couldn’t multitask with the effectiveness and efficiency, nowhere near it. So where in the last few sentences, could you fit a tablet into the equation? It’s a semi-laptop, but not quite. It’s kinda like an iphone, but not. It’s definitely not anywhere close to a desktop replacement.

Sure you can throw in a external DVD/bluray burner, and yes the possibility of connecting it to a external monitor would be a cool add-on, but if I am the ideal demographic that Apple was targeting, and I’d like to think I am, I just can’t figure out why I would need one.

Another thing that plays a large role is the price. On a survey this morning on, which targets a slightly older demographic, out of a 1000 surveyors, 48% chose a price range of $400-$600, being the largest margin of all the surveyors. You have to keep in mind here people that it technically shouldn’t go below $400, then it takes out the pricepoint for potential new Iphone purchasers which goes from $200-$399. I shouldn’t go above $700-$800, because then it is approaching the price of a Macbook (at $999). I’m guessing it will come in at $599-650, it would make sense. However if it came out at $400-$499 I wouldn’t care why I need one, and just go buy one for the sake of saying I own one!

Maybe I think to much, but as I said, I can’t figure out why I need one.. and as advertising goes, you want to convince your customers, that they need your product.


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